Austin’s Newest Love, Motorworks Customize-able Cars

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My children get excited when they hear our dog Sammie barking.  They ask, “Is the UPS man here?”  They love the UPS man bringing boxes and think all the boxes come from him.  When the brown box arrived at the door from Manhattan Toys, I knew what was inside.  I was expecting a shipment of some really cool cars from Motorworks!

Motorworks 1My plan was to save them for a special occasion, since the new baby would be receiving so many gifts as well as attention I thought having something special to give each of my children would help ease the transition.

I opened the package and placed the cars on our entertainment center to be put up but they were quickly spotted.  Both of my children love playing cars!  They love the movie Cars and are going through a racing phase.  I knew that the awesome cars from Motorworks would be perfect!

Motorworks4Austin recognized them because I had him look at the site with me to get an idea of what he would like.  Of course he loved something about each one we looked at.  He loved that he would be able to build and then change them.

Although they are partially made of solid European Beechwood and partially made of plastic, these cars are so amazing!  They are truly customize-able with mix and match wheels, cab and accessories.  The collection includes three different trim levels: Street Series, Speed Series and Extreme Series.  Motorworks created their toy vehicles for your little one ages 3 and up with a twist.  They can have interactive fun, not with beeps or batteries but with interchangeable parts.

Motorworks 2

The first one I choose was the FSX Monster Truck 1.0 from the Extreme Series.  It has big tires and I knew Austin would love it!  He loves building things so he had a blast putting it together and adding the decals.   This truck comes with a spoiler, grill, custom car decals, and monster axles and tires built just for your child to have many thrilling adventure.

Motorworks 3

The second car that arrived was the GT Road Racer 1.0.  The race car has a sleek body and bold bright accessories.  Although the car has been uniquely designed, it has a common, convertible chassis and durable parts that can customize any vehicle in the line!  So I didn’t let them open the boxes right away but I did finally give in.

Motorworks kids

The kids had a blast snapping them together and then experimented what they could interchange.  With so many accessories to choose from, we opted for the extra wheels!

Motorworks kids 3

Do you have a cars lover in your life or perhaps a little one that enjoys taking things apart and putting them back together?  Why not let them take their imagination to the next level with help from Motorworks? 

Motorworks kids2

The vehicles are priced at a very great value from $13.99 to $29.99 (two-pack vehicle sets).  You can customize your vehicles with accessories from custom car decals to monster wheels that start at $4.99.  You can see all the varieties available at DrivenByFun as well as connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Does your little one enjoy playing cars?  What do you think they would most enjoy about the customize-able vehicles from Motorworks?

12 thoughts on “Austin’s Newest Love, Motorworks Customize-able Cars”

  1. These are really cool! I think my sons would love this because they enjoy customizing and tinkering with things. Heck, I know my 8 year old daughter would love it, too.

  2. I have to tell my nephews about these awesome toys! My 3.5 year old daughter would probably love it too. I love they’re appealing look also – doesn’t look plastic and gaudy.

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