Austin’s Upcycled Rag Quilt-Block #3

If you didn’t catch my post a few weeks ago, I joined Craftsy-this really cool crafting site that offers daily deals, online classes, patterns (some are free) and a free block of the month online quilting class!  One of my goals for this year was to make both of my children rag quilts (using re-purposed materials).  When I came across Craftsy’s block of the month class, I decided this would be perfect!  I am using their patterns but using only re-purposed materials (except thread of course).

I didn’t update my second quilting square yet-the wonky pound sign, so here it is.  It didn’t turn out quite as well as I would have liked but I didn’t have any denim in the exact sizes needed for the pattern so I made do with what I had.  In the end, I was about an inch short, so I decided rather than scrap the block and start again (we’re re-purposing, right!) I decided I would just add a strip to both sides to make the block the proper size.  I think it is still cute so we are going to use it.  This won’t be a perfect quilt by any means, but made with love, and all upcycled cloth!

The third quilting square turned out awesome!  I love how it turned out and I think the darker colors of the denim look great with the patterned material!  The red fabric is an old flannel fitted sheet that the elastic was shot on, so it was added to our re-purpose material tote. I have since cleaned out most all of our closets and added to my stash of clothing to upcycle!

I even have cut all my fabric out for my fourth square and it is pinned and ready for me to sew, maybe today or tomorrow it will be completed.

I love the their classes show you step by step how complete the entire square.  There are 12 installments, each one posted on the first day of every month. The first 10 months/installments teach two new exciting blocks (brand new designs or funky spins on traditional blocks). The last two months are dedicated to finishing the quilt. At the end of the class, you will have full-size and one-of-a-kind quilts.  The thing I really appreciate is you can view it whenever it’s convenient for you  and can watch them however many times you’d like.

So if you do better with hands on learning rather than reading instructions, sign up and give it a try!  It is free so what do you have to loose.

Do you have any upcycling projects going on right now?  If so, I would love for you to share them here!

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  2. Love the “green” projects. Many look like great ideas to do with the kids. I am planing on trying some of these this week with my kids for Earth Day coming up!

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