Baby Milestones and Parfaits

While at the doctor’s office this past week, someone kneeled down and talked to the baby for a while.  He talks with his eyes in a big way.  He smiles and usually leans in towards mom, to ensure no one is going to steal him away.  After telling Caleb just how cute he is, she met my eyes, told me just how special he was and asked if he were my first.  I can’t help but let out a little laughter when someone asks me that.  When I responded no, that he was my fourth she grinned from ear to ear and we both chuckled.


I have to say, being that Caleb is my fourth (and most definitely my last), I feel most days that I have this baby stage under control.  We have been living in this stage now for the last eight years with one of our children.  Don’t get me wrong, although we have been down this road with three others, we are still amazed and in awe daily.  Each day is adventure!


Caleb will be one year old in just one month!  How did that happen!?!  He doesn’t have any teeth yet, but neither did 2 of my others at this stage.  He doesn’t walk yet, but neither did my others yet.  Truth is, he hasn’t started even crawling until just yesterday!!!  It was so exciting!  Sure, he has figured out ways to really stretch and occasionally scoot towards what he wants, but he mainly just makes noises and the children come running to his call.  They may be babies but they are smart! Why work when he could get their attention and they come running to his side?


He has finally broken free and decided he is ready to roam.  Although he hasn’t ventured farther than across the room yet, by this time next week I will be hunting him down.  He is at the stage right now that he is always scanning the floor looking for food.  It gets more interesting when they become mobile and are hunting for food.

Just because he doesn’t have teeth, don’t let that fool you to think he can’t eat with the best of them.  I learned with my others, that just because they don’t have teeth, that doesn’t mean they can’t eat foods with some solids, they just need to learn to chew.  It is similar to when they are fed their very first bite of food and they are not quite sure what to make of it.  It is followed by that face.  The face that is questioning what in the world you have put into their mouth and what in the world they are supposed to do with it!  If you have children, you know the face.


As with all new experiences, it takes time to accept new experiences, flavors and textures.  Gerber Lil’ Bits were created specifically for this age.  During the time your little one starts to crawler, between 8 -12 months.  Each Lil’ Bits™ recipe is made with perfectly sized soft pieces of fruits or veggies to help your baby learn and master chewing.  I am all about natural foods and they are made with no added starch artificial colors or flavors.  They offer many flavors to introduce your baby to new tastes, textures and combinations.


They are great to serve as is but we always love to shake things up so we created a fun baby parfait.  It is so simple and yet a very fun way to add a variety of flavors, textures and foods into one fun dish for your little one.

I headed to Walmart to purchase my Gerber Lil’ Bits.  I decided to make our parfait with Apple Blueberry and Orchard Fruit Medley.  You will also need whatever type of yogurt you choose.  My little guy has a dairy allergy, so we go with a non-dairy yogurt.


To create your parfait, simple choose a small dish, layer one variety of Gerber Lil’ Bits on the bottom of the dish.  Add in your yogurt with a spoon, gently scooping each one so that it rests on top of the Lil’ Bits™ rather than mixes together.

Follow the yogurt with another layer of Lil’ Bits™.  I choose two flavors and this is when I added the second variety but you can also use the same flavor.  If you want the layered affect, gently scoop the Lil’ Bits™ rather than pour it in so that you have layers rather than it mixing together.

My children love parfait and extra mix-ins so I can’t wait to start adding fun toppings but for now, Gerber Lil’ Bits™ will help my little guy transition to chewing the chunks naturally.

What milestones are your little ones celebrating?

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