Baby! Oh, Baby! How should we wear?

Hello there wonderful readers of Frugal Greenish Mama! I’m Shary and I blog over at Atta Mama. My blog is a personal blog with product reviews and occasional giveaways. My family is on the move towards a greener, healthier lifestyle and so my posts are mostly about our adventures. I write about breastfeeding, cloth diapering, and babywearing amongst other random life stuff.  Amanda asked me to spread some light on the different types of baby carriers, so I teamed up with some friends in Orlando to provide you some insight into the wonderful world of wearing your child!

Babywearing: Breakdown of Carriers

First of all I want to say that wearing your baby is awesome however you see fit. I’ve seen parents use bed sheets for wraps and turn table cloths into ring slings. When it comes to keeping baby close, there’s no limit. Although I personally believe any type of carrier is better than not wearing your baby, there are some carriers out there that are not very good for baby in the long run. You can read more about the dangers of “crotch danglers” here. Now let me share with you some awesome ergonomic carriers!

mei taiI am going to share with you my current go-to item, which is the mei tai. Mei tais are asian inspired carriers and are kind of a mixture between wraps and soft structured (ie: buckle) carriers. I tend to lean towards the mei tai because I feel like the seat is more adjustable for my son’s tiny little legs. There are tons of brands and prints available including the Babyhawk which is pictured.

ergoNow another similar carrier is the soft structured carrier (SSC for short). In this photo I am wearing my son in an Ergo that I borrowed from a friend. Soft structured carriers provide lots of back support because they have padded waist to distribute the weight of the baby evenly. The SSC is very daddy friendly because it buckles and adjusts to the wearer. There are many brands out there, but the most popular is the Ergo (pictured). Another popular option which is both ergonomic and cheap is the Infantino Union which is only about $30.

woven wrapWhen it comes to babywearing these days wraps are always a popular choice. I know they can be intimidating. I’ve been there, I know. I struggled with it myself for a while and I’m still learning! A good starter wrap is the Moby. It’s a stretchy wrap and doesn’t quite wrap the same as a woven wrap, but it is good for beginners with tiny babies. Once your baby gets a little heavier you’ll eventually have to switch to a woven because stretchy wraps have too much give to them. Woven wraps are very versitile and can do tons of carrier depending on the length of the wrap and weight of the baby. You can use osnaburg fabric or linen to create your own wrap, too! In the photo I’m wearing a KoKaDi Ahoi. (It’s not mine, but my most desired expensive wrap right now. Isn’t it pretty? *swoon*)

ring slingA lot of mothers will tell you that ring slings are great for beginners. Ring slings are fun because they are fully adjustable and super easy to use. They also take up very little space in the diaper bag. Many people make and sell ring slings on sites such as Etsy. I had a great ring sling that would have lasted me through both children, but I sold it for a change of scenery for my little man. This picture is of my friend Katrina in her WAHM-made ring sling (RS for short).

pouch slingAnd last, but not least, is the pouch sling. Pouch slings are also daddy friendly because there is absolutely no fuss involved. Pouch slings definitely have their functionality as a quick way to pop baby in and out for errands. The downside to pouches (and the reason not many people have one for long) is that they are not adjustable whatsoever. You buy a pouch to fit and you have to play around to find your comfort level. I borrowed Katrina’s Peanut Shell for this post. As you can see I wore it with a flipped shoulder while my baby was sleeping. That’s pretty much the only thing you can do to keep the baby snug tummy-to-tummy.

And so there you have it! That’s the low down on all things baby carriers. Babywearing is really fun and convenient. I wouldn’t get anything done if I didn’t have the help from my plethora of carriers. I personally like to keep a stash of one of each because each one serves a different purpose and some work better at different stages of the baby’s life. If you have any questions I would be happy to help you on your journey to keeping your baby close!

Stop by the blog and drop me a line! I don’t bite, I promise!

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