Back-to-School: Creating Waste Free Lunches

ECOLunch Box Kit with Fair Trade Bag

One way many parents try to save money is by packing their children’s lunches everyday for school.  Along with saving money, a lot of waste can also be created.  There are so many options that are available now to help us reduce waste and reuse.

Here are a few ideas that can be put into place to help you create a waste-free lunch.

'Frost' Kids Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle- 5 Colors

Reusable drink containers-There are many brands available that make non-toxic steel water bottles.  Go a step further and get an insulated bottles, such as one that Eco-Vessel sells and you will be able to keep their drinks cool all day.  Eco-Vessel brand carries a lifetime warranty and my kids love the flip-straw.   These Eco-Vessel insulated bottles retail for $19.95 and are so worth every penny; we just ordered two more this week.

Beach Insulated Lunch Sack

Reusable Lunch Bags-Again, huge options from a basic canvas bag that your child can decorate themselves to cute up-cycled totes.  Try to avoid vinyl as many contain the toxins PVC and BPA and look for non-toxic labels.  This cute sack from Kids Konserve retails for $22.

Color-Your-Own Eco-Ditty Snack Bag!

Reusable Sandwich Bags-Instead of disposing or even recycling baggies daily, why not opt for reusable cloth bags.  They can be washed and reused over and over.  Again there are many options from a basic design to prints.  The Eco Ditty allow your child to customize them in any way they want!   They retail for $12.99 for a set of 3.

Preserve Food storage (square sandwich)

Preserve also has an upcycled plastic sandwich container that is made from recycled #5 plastics that retails at $6.00 for a 2-pack.  Stainless steel containers are available for soups or salads.

Fabkins Prima Ballerina Napkins - Pink - 100% Organic Cotton - Set of 4

Use Cloth Napkins-What is cuter than being able to personalize your child’s lunch?  Why not either make some cloth napkins from upcycled fabrics or purchase some pre-made and then embroider your child’s initials or name on them.  Again the key is reusable.  These adorable organic cloth napkins from Fabkins are $19.95 for a set of 4.

Skip Pre-Packaged-You can not only save waste but also a lot of money by purchasing large quantities of your favorite goodies and then packaging them yourself.  Nuts, dried fruits, fruit leathers, pretzels and similar snacks are great options to save on by purchasing in bulk.

What does your family do to create waste-free lunches?


By taking care to be reuse, you will save money that can be put into purchasing healthier lunch options for your children.  Have them get involved in the lunch process, from picking out their bags and water bottles to helping decide healthy snack options.  By having your children get involved, they will be more prone to be happy with what they have and less wanting the pre-packaged options sitting across the lunch table from them.

What are your children’s favorite lunch time snack?

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