How I Became Grateful for Diapers

Ten years.  Ten years is a long time to have babies in diapers and while I am sad to see the baby days go I am so thankful that even in very lean financial times, there was only ever one time in my ten years that I had to worry about access to clean diapers.

Ten years ago, late at night I delivered my firstborn.  He was early, but managed to make it a full six days after my initial labor began.  I can remember the events of that night like yesterday.  While I was in labor at UAMS, we watched on the television as terrible storms rolled through out state.  Tornados were springing up all over.  Spring in Arkansas breeds tornados.

This night, at the same time I was in the delivery room, a tornado rolled through our small town.  It demolished the fire station and did extensive damage to the newly built hospital.  Rooms were lost, trees were uprooted and the power was knocked out.  The damage from the storms was so wide spread that many in the state were without power for the month of February and into March, including the rural area in which we lived.

Due to the difficulties of my delivery, I was an inpatient at the hospital for six days and my due to Austin’s strength, he was only required to stay an extra night.  We left the hospital with an agreement with social workers we would stay in a hotel until we had temporary power restored or purchased a generator.  The hospital was amazing and sent us home with enough diapers for the first three weeks.

Where we live, when we are in need of something, you go the store.  Shelves are usually always stocked with everything we need.  After a disaster strikes, that isn’t the case.  Shelves were bare and supplies were limited.  Thanks to trucks bringing in donations, we had access to diapers.  It was a short term shortage, but it made me so appreciate having access to everyday things we need, like diapers.

When I learned that 1 in 3 families right here in the U.S. struggle to provide diapers for their babies, it made me think back to scary that feeling was myself.  I know what you might be thinking, how can that be?  But the fact is, the need is real and I’m so excited to partner with Walgreens and Huggies to help spread the word about the Huggies® No Baby Unhugged program.  The No Baby Unhugged program was started in an effort to help provide relief to those families who struggle to have enough clean diapers for their little ones.

How Can We Help?

It’s actually really simple, especially if you need to purchase diapers anyways!  Buy Huggies® Diapers or Wipes at any Walgreens store or at from now until April 29th, 2018 and Huggies® will give a day’s worth of diapers or wipes to the National Diaper Bank Network.  Yep, it really is that easy.  Of course you can purchase an extra pack to donate if you’d like too.  The goal for the Huggies No Baby Unhugged program is to donate 1.5 million diapers and 250,000 wipes to the National Diaper Bank Network.  

Being a new parent can be stressful.  There are lots of uncertainties, access to clean diapers shouldn’t be one of them!

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