Becoming a Mom and Wanting What’s Best

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I have wanted to be a mother for as long as I can remember.  I cared for my dolls as a child, helped with my younger siblings, and took on babysitting jobs as I got old enough.  Overall, I loved caring for little ones.  Growing up in a family of five children, I had been around little ones since I was young.  I thought I was somewhat prepared for motherhood.

From the moment I laid eyes on my first baby, I understood what love at first sight meant.  I had felt him wiggle, squirm and let me know he is stretching inside me for months.  The love you feel as a mom starts long before you see them.  But once you do, it is a new kind of love I had never felt before.  This little being was now my own.  I was in charge of caring for him, protecting him, teaching him, helping guide him…and the love I felt was unlike any I had felt before.

With each child I had, I felt more confident.  Being a parent is an ongoing learning experience.  Even though you may have gone through one phase, the next time you go through the same phase, the child is different.  Each child has such a different personality and way of taking on the world.

One thing that hasn’t changed with each of my children is my desire to protect them, to love them, help them to flourish and watch them grow into amazing little people.

Our children need our unconditional love.  They need our protection from so many difficulties they will be presented with as they grow and mature.  They need our guidance so that when they are presented with a situation or challenge, they can have the confidence to tackle it head on, or the courage to speak up with it is right to do so.  They need us to lay the foundation for them to grow into amazing, happy and healthy people.

With our experiences with food allergies over the years, I have learned that to be healthy, they need us to be their advocate.  What we allow them to put into their little bodies has a direct effect on how they feel and if they get sick.  Being proactive is key!

CVS recognizes this too, and wants to help families focus on health, wellness and the path of preventative healthcare.  With the introduction of their new, exclusive Live Better line, they have developed simple solutions to help our bodies heal naturally.  Each product in the new Live Better line features soothing ingredients from sources such as Manuka honey, black elderberry syrup and naturally-derived vitamin C.

They are designed to offer simple solutions to common ailments like the common cold, while not being full of filler ingredients we don’t need.  The Live Better brand contains no artificial preservatives, dyes or flavors, so I can feel good about giving it to my children.  And since the products are also free from gluten and alcohol, they are safe to give to all of my kiddos!

Honestly, I never understood why artificial colors were added to medicine in the first place.  My oldest has an allergy to red food coloring and it can be such a challenge to find dye free products when he isn’t feeling well.  To finally see a company making changes to remove that as an ingredient is thrilling to me!

There are currently three new products available with the debut of the new Live Better line that include:

  • Live Better Children’s Cough Syrup, $8.99
    • For ages 12 months+
    • Daytime relief for cough and hoarseness; soothes irritated throats
    • Made with dark honey, high in antioxidants to fight free radicals in the body; vitamin C, an antioxidant that fights free radicals to help support a healthy immune system; and zinc, a mineral used to support a healthy immune system.
  • Live Better Adult Cough & Throat Relief Daytime, $8.99
    • Adult formula to sooth coughs associated with hoarseness, dry throat and irritants
    • Made with dark honey, vitamin C and zinc
  • Live Better Adult Immunity + Melatonin, Honey Herbal Flavor, $7.49
    • Supports the immune system while promoting sound sleep
    • Made with melatonin and zinc

I have long been an advocate for using honey for the children’s coughs and sore throats.  I’m so excited to have new options available that not only will help with their coughs or sore throats but is also is fortified with immune support to get their little bodies back on track.  There are more options are coming soon; Live Better Adult Black Elderberry Syrup, Live Better Children’s Nighttime Cough Syrup with Honey and Live Better Adult Cough & Throat Relief Nighttime are the next medicines scheduled to be released.

Being a mom has turned out to be the toughest job I have ever tackled, but I’m confident that I must be doing an okay job when I see the amazing people my children are turning into.  Wanting to provide them the best possible foundation in life so they can flourish is an ongoing learning experience.  I’m committed to providing them with the unconditional love they need, encouragement to tackle anything they want to do, providing them what they need to be happy and healthy so they can Live Better.

I’d love to hear what was one thing your parents did that you feel gave you a successful foundation as an adult?

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70 thoughts on “Becoming a Mom and Wanting What’s Best”

  1. My mom had a lot of issues and it taught me at an early age to be self-sufficient and to count on myself for esteem. it taught me how not to parent and I’ve raised my daughter with love and gentleness and patience.

  2. Our parents always gave my sisters & I choices when we were growing up, never forced or coerced us…allowed us enough autonomy to make age appropriate decisions…as my career officer father would have said, “they led by example”.

  3. Standing up for my responsibilities no matter how bad they are! If I chose the action then I had to live with the consequences.

  4. One thing that my parents did that gave me a successful foundation as an adult is they never handed me anything. They made me work and earn anything I wanted.

  5. They taught me how to be responsible with money. No matter how little or how much I’ve earned over the past 33 years (and I earned very little when I first started working), I have always been able to pay my bills, save money and also treat myself to things from time to time.

  6. Teaching me to own my actions. Even when you don’t have the desired results you should learn from them and sometimes you make better decisions from the wrong ones.

  7. I think the one thing they taught me is how to mange my money & and instilled in me life isnt all about money. Its about love and happiness

  8. integrity and work hard for what you want, save and never use credit cards—I worked my way up through management and haven’t possessed a credit card in 20 years—-if you don’t have it in your pocket, you don’t get it.

  9. They gave me the opportunity to travel – I learned about different cultures and saw the beauty of people who had so little but were so happy

  10. My parents taught me how to budget and save money. For them it was more of a necessity, but for me it won’t have to be because I have done it my entire working life.

  11. They said I could live at home as long as I wanted, but once I moved out I couldn’t come back. If I felt like I was adult enough to live on my own, I was adult enough to solve any problems that came up. Made me more independent and developed my problem solving capabilities. I went through some stuff of course, and made it through on my own!

  12. My parents encouraged our curiosity in things like Science and Space. I still like learning new things and try to encourage my children when they take an interest in something.

  13. My parents always gave me a lot of encouragement and made sure that we always knew that they were proud of us no matter what.

  14. My parents picked their battles with me and I do with my kids. I may want to freak out on my kids for quite a few things, but I step back and realize it’s usually not the end of the world and they are their own people, expressing themselves!

  15. One thing my parents made me do was chores around the house. That gave me a good foundation for when I had my own household to run and take care of.

  16. My parents had me get a $5,000 loan from the bank when I turned 18. I just put it in the bank and made loan payments on time every month. It established good credit very early on in my life

  17. My mom instilled in me a good work ethic ever since I was young. She required me to do chores at an early age and got me to exercise regularly.

  18. The one thing my parents did that gave me a successful foundation was to teach me to respect others and treat everyone fairly, regardless of how I am treated.

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