Been Absent Even Though I am Here-Although I Question It Sometimes?

Have you ever felt that way?  This week even though my body is here I have had so many things going I don’t feel like myself! 

I started this blog with the idea I would get into a groove and have all the kinks worked out before I really started joining and linking to other blogs; I thought I would just be out there in the cloud floating, putting my ideas and really right now only deals out there.  So, I apologize for the raw edges and my absence in posting this last week.  
Several weeks ago I  was talked into coordinating a wedding for my husband’s boss.  Let me tell you, this was no ordinary wedding-it was the event of the season!  It was her daughter’s every dream!  I worked more than 25 hours out of Friday and Saturday’s 48 hours.  I was so busy/crazy that I meant to take pictures to share but never paused a moment to take my camera out!  I will see what I can get from others to share.
Friday night my three year old son told me, “Mommy I don’t like his job, you need another one”.  As much as I love to plan and have my hands in party planning I love my children oh so much more!   Another reason why I wanted to start blogging, in hopes of eventually working from home.
This week is also the last week the CPA Firm I work for part time will be in their office.  It is actually my sister’s firm and she is down sizing to spend more time with her family and cultivate her homesteading desire.  So we have been working like crazy to become paperless and let me tell you that is not easy to do with the quantity of paper we had!  
So please be patient with me as I finish all the work projects going on.  October should be more normal and my blog will start becoming more of what I dream it to be!  We will start really sharing recipes, homemaking ideas, craft projects and more of my crazy life 🙂

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