Begin Anywhere, Just BEGIN!

That is going to be my new outlook on life:

Begin Anywhere, Just BEGIN!

Life is full of the unexpected and uncertainty.  We may have plans and we think we plan for the unexpected, but truly, we have to just learn to roll with whatever life throws our way.

With the start of 2013 and 2014 I had grand plans for blogging.  I was going to re-focus and start buckling down with not more, but better content.  I wanted to get back to what I loved in my first few years of blogging when I wasn’t concerned with my numbers or page views or making other individuals (sponsors) happy.

Both years haven’t started like I planned.  In 2013 my road block was a true blessing with the pregnancy and birth of our beautiful baby.

Now that 2014 has already had several hiccups I decided I just needed to start now. It doesn’t have to be for a particular reason but for me.  And for those of you reading this.  My motto for 2014 is going to be BEGIN.  We can not control the past or the future but we can control today.  We have to make the most of what we have today as we do not know what tomorrow brings, nor do we want to look back at today with regret.

I use to set weekly goals and I loved that!  I am the list writing, to-do list setting, goal type of person.  My life has always run more smoothly when I had goals.  In light of the fact I now have three children and have learned I have to roll with the punches I have decided to set monthly goals.  I will share my monthly goals here and I would love to know something that you are working towards accomplishing this month.  At the beginning of next month, I will update on how I did.  Just like I did in the past.

goals 032014

The point of setting goals is to have something to reach towards and keep us focused to accomplish them.  I have learned setting unrealistic goals just leads to failure.

Goals for March 2014

  1. Blog a minimum of three times a week.
  2. Create a loose blogging schedule for 2014.
  3. De-clutter and organize all winter/summer clothing.
  4. Create spreadsheets to track the children’s clothing.
  5. Take one field trip with the children.
  6. Teach the children one new song.
  7. Read the Bible daily with the children.
  8. Write 4 love notes to Hubby.
  9. Write 4 cards to friends/relatives.
  10. Visit 2 elderly or homebound friends/relatives.

None of these are goals I can not reach, it just requires planning on my part.  It is a new week, and a new month and I am ready!

What is one goal you are working on for the month of March?

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