The Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mama and Baby

Today’s post about breastfeeding is brought to you from Loving Moments.  All thoughts and opinions shared are 100% my own. 

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Breastfeeding for me was the natural choice.  My Mother breastfeed all five of her children, myself included.  There just wasn’t another option in my opinion.  When Austin was born early, I started pumping right away.  I planned to pump when I returned to work so I was just able to get a jump-start on it!  Now I want to let my readers know, although I am an avid pro-breastfeeder, I realize that this is a personal decision.  There are some Mamas with the strong desire to breastfeed and then are unable.  I am not judging those who choose not to breastfeed, nor say that they love their children any less.  This is just my experience and I feel that being able to offer suggestions, help and support to other new Mamas is a great way to encourage others to try and not give up!

Benefits of Breastfeeding

There are so many benefits to breastfeeding.  Breast milk provides the vital nutrients babies need as well as extra antibodies.  It is the way were we created to feed and nurture our little ones.  Breastfeeding allows for you to have special bonding time with your child.  I wouldn’t give up the experience of breastfeeding for anything.

Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mama

  • Breastfeeding causes the uterus to contract and return to its normal size sooner.
  • Those that breastfeed tend to have less bleeding after birth.
  • Those that breastfeed have less of a risk of developing breast, ovarian and uterine cancer.
  • Breastfeeding burns 200-500 calories a day.
  • Promotes a special bond between mom and baby.

Benefits of Breastfeeding for our Babies

  • Your breast milk is the perfect food choice for your little one because it is able to change to meet your growing baby’s needs.
  • Breast milk is easily digestible, resulting in less gas, colic and spitting up.
  • Babies that are breastfed tend to have less respiratory and ear infections.
  • Due to the antibodies found in breast milk, breastfed babies have fewer allergies.

Having breastfeed my first child for 18 months and my second for about 30 months I know the importance of having a support system and comfortable nursing bras.  During those first few weeks while your milk is adjusting, you truly are uncomfortable.  Some days it is downright painful, so having the right gear and supplies is vital.  You need to be as comfortable as possible.  Having the right fitting nursing bras are so important for proper support and comfort.

I have tried out so many different brands and various types of nursing bras.  While everyone will have their own personal favorites, I will be sharing several of mine of the next few weeks.

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While I am a fan of 100% cotton material, I was sent a Seamless Bralette nursing bra from Leading Lady that is made from soft Santoni fabric.  I have to say I was a bit skeptical at first, how would the breath-ability be affected?  Would it be as comfortable?  The answer actually is yes!  I started wearing the bra back while I was still pregnant towards the end of June.  It doesn’t have underwire but supports with seamless comfort.  I am all about comfort!  Although the bra is designed for low impact activities, I have worn it in everyday activities and felt very supported as well as comfortable.

Being a 36F, the extra-large is the perfect fit for me.  The back closure is wide and supported by four closures.  That provides great support and because the bottom band is a knit-in type, it stays in place without rolling.  The front clasp allows for one-handed removal for easy access for breast-feeding.

Leading Lady offers a large variety of everyday nursing bras, active nursing bras and sleep and leisure bras.  With prices starting at about $13, they are very budget friendly while still providing great support and comfort.  I encourage you to check out the full line of Loving Moments by Leading Lady.  We will be giving away a nursing bra from Loving Moments as part of our “Bringing Home Baby” event.  Be sure to come back and enter…

12 thoughts on “The Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mama and Baby”

  1. Great post! This is so full of great information about nursing! The Leading Lady bra looks so supportive too! I will definitely check them out for my expecting friends.

  2. For the little bit of time I did breast feed I definitely know the importance of a good nursing bra. I wish I could have nursed Jas longer than I did but I’m grateful that she got the “liquid gold”. Wish my son would have latched. Great tips.

  3. Although I’m not a mama yet… One day I will be.. and really hope this is the choice that will be the best for both me and baby, but I understand a lot can depend on the baby.. =)

  4. Hi Amanda! Not sure how I first ‘liked’ you on facebook…but this post is great! I am 34 weeks pregnant and down to one bra. It’s time to get another one…at least, if not two! I already got a Motherhood Maternity recommendation, but was holding out for something good and less expensive. Here’s to trying what you’re recommending. Thanks!

    1. Thank-you Betsy and happy you found me wither way! I hope all goes well with the arrival of your new little one. I am very happy with their products and think you will be as well. I have tried out many different brands and I know it really is preference but my Motherhood bras didn’t wash well.

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