BerryPlus Laundry Soap Review

Let me tell you a little about BerryPlus.  It is laundry soap made from berries that grow on the Sapindus mukorossi trees (soapberry trees).  The people in India and Asia where the trees are native have been using the soapberries for years to clean their clothes.  When these natural soapberries are mixed with water and shaken they produce a soapy type residue, saponin.

BerryPlus figured out how to extract and then concentrate the saponin to create a laundry soap that is free from questionable ingredients, fillers and added fragrances.  It was specifically designed for use in cold-water, high-efficiency machines but works in any type of machine or even with hot water (although cold-washing is so much better for the environment and your pocketbook).

They believe in truth and transparency, sharing what is in their products and what the packaging is made from.  The ingredients in the soap are listed as:

  • 95% berry-based (berries + water)
  • 4.5% vegetable glycerin (for stability and added softening)
  • .3% olive-leaf extract (for killing the bacteria and other yuckies)
  • .1% each potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate (preservatives to give it shelf-life)

Then they have packaged each individual dosage into these little microdose capsules so you don’t use more than is necessary.  it is a little less than a half a teaspoon that is needed to clean an entire load of laundry!

I was so excited to receive this cute compact little package full of 20 microdose capsules of BerryPlus to review.  They are so small.  It is easy to be skeptical, how could that amount possibly clean my clothes?  I decided I would give it a try to see if they actually worked.  Do you know what I found?

They truly worked well!  It created amount of suds (why we equate suds to cleaning, I don’t know).  The clothes came out nice and clean, no need for fabric softener since there was not a bunch of laundry soap left behind.  They don’t have much of a smell, just clean clothes.  It is very gentle on the skin, even my son who tends to be irritated by so many soaps did just fine.  I was truly impressed!

To try out BerryPlus for yourself, you can order it online from Abe’s Market, Reuse-it, or Alice.

You can also connect with BerryPlus on Facebook or Twitter to keep up-to-date will news and promotions!

Disclaimer: I was provided this item at no charge to review.  All opinions shared are my honest opinions of the above product.


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