Bethany’s First Shoes: Pediped® Originals

A big thank-you to Pediped® for sending a pair of their adorable shoes for Bethany to try out! All opinions of their products are always 100% my own.
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With my first son, I purchased multiple pairs of adorable shoes before he was born.  Most were totally adorable but most were hard soled shoes.  I had no idea just how important soft soled shoes were to the development of our little ones feet.  I could tell he hated them.  He would cry when I would put them on.  Needless to say, most of those adorable shoes we purchased were worn only once.

The bones in a child’s foot are composed of cartilage, which eventually hardens to form 26 permanent bones per foot. These bones will need to last a lifetime. A shoe that is too rigid or too tight can effectively change the shape of a child’s foot.


So we looked into other soft-soled shoe options.  Pediped® shoes were one of the first we found that we absolutely loved, and more importantly, that our little one loved!  Pediped® footwear is equipped with Memory Foam Technology™ (MFT™) that helps ensure your child receives an excellent fit and has outstanding comfort.  The memory foam insole shapes perfectly to your little one’s foot, thus acting like a custom insole and supporting the foot in all the right places.

I was beyond excited when I found out Pediped® was going to send me a pair of shoes from their Originals line to review!  It would be Bethany’s first pair of shoes and I couldn’t wait until the package arrived to see what style they had selected to send.  I was beyond excited to see that I was sent a pair of Sadie shoes in pink!  They are absolutely adorable!

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Bethany’s First Shoes: Pediped® Originals

Pediped Originals® are the first step in the Pediped® footwear system and the best first shoes your child will ever wear. When children learn to walk, they tend to shuffle, so it is important for their feet to feel the floor. Doctors recommend shoes with soft leather soles because they most closely mimic barefoot walking and do not force children to change their natural stride.

Originals® feature soft, flexible leather soles and a roomy toebox so feet can move, grip, and feel the floor. This way, little feet can grow properly and develop strength, musculature, and the grasping action of the toes. Originals® closely resemble the natural shape of the foot and are so comfortable your child will not want to take them off!

PEdiped 2

I love the handcrafted touches on the shoes!  The stitching gives them such an adorable look while allowing their feet to breathe.  The leather soles are so soft and the insoles are completely squishy and comfortable.  The velcro closure is so helpful when you have a squirmy little one.

Pediped® offers a full line of children’s shoes ranging from the Originals in 0-6 all the way up to the Flex line that offers youth sizes up to a 2.  I couldn’t help but spend some time on the site looking at all the styles available, over 100 different styles!  Addie sat next to me while I looked at the site and she decided that she and Bethany needed matching shoes.  She asked if I could get them both a silver pair!  It is her new favorite, it is sparkly and shinning right?

So we created a wish list of shoes for each of the kiddos and yes, Addie’s and Bethany’s are both silver!

Pediped Collage

Exceptional quality, unsurpassed comfort and distinctive styling have made the award-winning Pediped® company the fastest growing children’s footwear brand in the United States.  I totally understand why!   You can view all the styles online at Pediped® and can connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

If you like Pediped® make sure to check out Brian James Footwear, the new women’s footwear line from Angela Edgeworth founder of Pediped®.

Pediped® ’s Schools Initiative this Fall

Schools everywhere will have yet another reason to celebrate the start of a new school year. On July 24, 2013, pediped® launched ‘pediped ♥ ‘s Schools’, a new, one-of-a-kind, giving campaign where participating schools will receive a check for 10% back on their total attributed purchases of pediped® Footwear. Each school can earn up to $10,000 per year.

School officials and leaders of the PTO or PTA are encouraged to enroll their school to best spread the word. Parents and teachers may also enroll their school into the program.  Each school will receive a unique code upon enrollment. Members of the school and community should use this code at checkout when making a purchase on or in any pediped® owned boutique (located in Las Vegas). pediped® will compile and track the purchases attributed to each school’s code and each school will receive 10% back on their total combined purchases. Purchases will be tracked now until May 15, 2014 and schools will receive their checks in June 2014. Any purchases made after May 15 will roll over to the next school year. Schools will be able to track their earnings on

“I’m excited to celebrate the start of a new school year with kids everywhere, said Angela Edgeworth, founder of pediped® Footwear. “Schools need our help now more than ever and it’s essential for them to have the things they need. We are receiving heavy support from parents and teachers alike who see the value in creating awareness on the importance of providing schools with adequate resources. Giving back always has and will continue to be a core value of pediped®.”

Since its founding in 2005, pediped® has been dedicated to enriching the lives of children. pediped® established the pediped® Foundation in 2010 to work directly with charities that are devoted to the health, education and basic needs of children around the world. Since its inception, the pediped® Foundation has donated nearly two million dollars in product and monetary support. pediped® ♥‘s Schools is yet another commitment to the continuing philanthropic efforts of pediped® Footwear.

Please visit to enroll your school today.

15 thoughts on “Bethany’s First Shoes: Pediped® Originals”

  1. My Little Man just turned 14 months and is almost walking. It is funny to see the difference between boys and girls. My daughter was easily walking at 11 months. He is not wearing shoes yet, but these Pediped look great! I didn’t own a pair for my daughter, but I might just have to get one for my son.

  2. I honestly had NO idea about those important reasons for soft-soled shoes for babies! I never really looked into it (silly parenting move #1), but I’m so glad that I’ve learned it now. Thank you so much for sharing this info. And those shoes are beyond cute! I really want to try some now!

  3. Oh my goodness – those shoes are too adorable! I visited Pediped and saw some cute things that I want to order for my baby.

  4. These were the ONLY shoes I bought for my daughter when she was younger! They were so stinking cute and she was comfortable in them. ON a side note, I LOVE my Brian James shoes that were created by the founder of Pediped. So comfy!

  5. I love the pink! But I also adore the pair in the first photo. Those are so my style. I have only bought one pair of shoes for our new little girl. They are soft sole newborn shoes. But I so want a pair of these now!

    1. My kids were both very particular on what they wanted to wear on their feet at a very young age. Not by looks but by comfort. I could tell if they didn’t like their shoes because they were quickly pulled off in their car seats. With Pedipeds, they were always on when we arrived where we were headed!

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