Blogging Goals and a Thank You

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I want to thank REPREVE for sponsoring this post and inspiring me to #TurnItGreen

This past year of 2013 has forever changed my life.  I remember this time last year sitting down to type out my goals for 2013 and I had so many of them.  Little did I know that not one of them would happen as I had wanted due to the surprise of finding out I was pregnant on January 2nd, 2013.  Bethany was born on August 19th, 2013 around 11am and each day we all fall more in love with our happy little blessing.

We started our homeschooling journey with Austin (and Addie) and although it has been challenging, it has been extremely rewarding.  To see the light in his eyes when he is excited and engaged is amazing.  He is so smart and is really excelling.  Addie, even though she isn’t enrolled in school yet loves school.  She is very smart also and loves to learn right beside her brother.  So it is safe to say we are all learning right now.

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Even though 2014 hasn’t started yet, it has already proved to be another year of the unexpected.  Last week my husband found out the company he has worked for, for the past eight years has been sold.  He was given about ten days notice and as of today is now a Mr. Mom.  Although it is a little scary, it is also very exciting for us as a family to turn a new corner, so there are lots of possible changes coming.

Going into 2014 I wanted to make some cut backs to my sponsored content and work on more things I enjoy, like I use to.  I want to put more of me back into the blog, which I am going to but I can’t make any promises now on the sponsored content with Bryan’s job situation.  You will notice two other contributors popping up on the blog more in 2014, my dear sister Lynsey who is like a second mother to my children and then my hubby, Bryan.

I am not the type to make resolutions but I am the goal-making type and I have definite goals for 2014.  This is my year to be intentional!   While I have a long list of things to work on in 2014 I decided I would share just a few that I plan to work on that you may notice on the front side of the blog.

2014 Blogging Goals

  • Put more of myself back into blogging; love it again.
  • Become a better photographer.
  • Work on more reader interaction, and feedback about what you all want to see!
  • Share more DIY/craft/upcycling posts.
  • Get back into sharing more green/natural living posts.

And Last but not least, Thank-you!

  1. Yes, thank-you to each and every one of you for making it this far in my post!
  2. Thank-you for making blogging possible for me.
  3. Thank-you for each comment you leave letting me know you took a few moments out of your crazy day to spend with me!
  4. Thank-you for clicking over to check out another post, giving me a share, like or +1 on social media.

All of the above show me you were here and I can’t thank-you enough!  I appreciate you more than you will ever know!

I truly lost my groove in the beginning of 2013 in so many respects.  With all the medication I had to take to help my little blessing survive and grow, I was sick 99% of every waking moment.  I was striving to just survive and let so many things slip during that time.  As a family we are working hard to get back into more organic living and upcycling projects!  I have some awesome projects in the works to share with you in 2014.

When REPREVE reached out to me to see I would partner to share their message I knew it was a great fit since we are refocusing for 2014!

Repreve logo

What is REPREVE?

REPREVE is a recycled fiber that is made from…recycled bottles!  Then the fabric is turned into really cool stuff you can wear and use every day.  As if we needed a reason to recycle, now you have extra incentive!

The U.S. plastic bottle recycling rate is less than 30 percent—so less than one-third of all plastic bottles get recycled.  Most people don’t think about what happens to plastic bottles after you recycle them.  So we have partnered with REPREVE on their mission to get the word out: Just recycle more. And buy REPREVE products.

Repreve infographicI will be sharing more about REPREVE in the coming weeks, so stay tuned but in the meantime, check out some of the cool products from your favorite active brands made from REPREVE fiber.

22 thoughts on “Blogging Goals and a Thank You”

  1. I have been thinking this morning about what blogging goals I have. I don’t think it will be too hard to make work out, but I need to get organized! Happy New Year to you!

  2. Blogging goals are good to have and you seem to have a few that will definitely take you far in 2014. So sorry to hear about hubby, hopefully he gets a new job quickly. Every little bit of help counts. Here’s wishing you all the best. Happy New Year!

  3. Welcome 2014. I think it will be a great year for all of us bloggers. I need to get my blogging groove back again and I think it will be a challenge but I am looking forward to it.

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  4. I too, don’t have any plans for the new year. Last year I did make plans and it all went downhill so now I’m learning to go with the flow and tackle all my challenges as they come. Your baby is too adorable!!!

  5. You blogging goals and mine are very similar. I look forward to watching your blog bloom into everything you dream it to be and more! Happy New Year!

  6. I also have several blogging goals for 2014. I want to start gaining more interaction with my readers, publishing a monthly recipe, and perhaps stay focused on one post daily.

  7. Those are fabulous goals! I have very similar goals for the new year. Working smarter not harder. Grow my blog, but with more content I really enjoy doing and not just to get a sponsor.

  8. Those are great goals, similar to the ones I have as well. I love homeschooling my youngest and that look of excitement when he gets something and then runs bragging to everyone about what he knows is amazing.

  9. I am very interested in learning about plastic bottles turning into fabric! I LOVE it!! As for me-I will probably be doing book reviews, which I actually do love to do–and maybe try for a couple of product reviews this year-but ONLY if I can use them up! NO MORE CLUTTER——-Of course I will still opt into giveaway hops. I think I may end up just doing what I feel like for a while-will definitely try to write more about my BRAT CAT (who I do love). I look forward to seeing what your blog holds in 2014!

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