January and February Blogging Plans

Well my start to 2013 didn’t start exactly as I had planned.  I started with a grand blogging plan but quickly realized things are not going to go the way I had planned this year.  That doesn’t mean it still isn’t going to be grand, just different from what I planned.  I received some news that was very unexpected on the 2nd of January that has changed my plans somewhat and left me a little shaken.  Life happens, it constantly changes, that is life.  We must roll with the punches (or at least try!)

We celebrated the new baby my sister and her husband will be welcoming with a baby shower last Saturday.  Much to my surprise and pure delight, we were all shocked when we walked through door to see my Mother’s youngest sister and my Grandma drove all night to arrive from Florida.  It was a great, packed weekend getting to spend time with my sisters and family.

To be able to spend time with both of my Grandmothers this past weekend was truly a special treasure.  Sunday afternoon we all went down to a restaurant on the river and enjoyed each other’s company.  Despite it being cold, the little and BIG kids both had a great time after lunch on the small playground.

Blogging Plan for January/February

So, now the key is getting back on track!  I have had a very difficult time concentrating but have missed blogging.  Here is a list of what is in store in the coming weeks:

Series “New Year, New You”

The series I will be covering on Mondays will be “New Year, New You”  This series is not necessarily about loosing weight but is about making small and healthy changes going into 2013.  We will be discussing and making:

  • Homemade/DIY Scrubs
  • Homemade/DIY  Lotion/Body Butters
  • Homemade/DIY Deodorant
  • Homemade/DIY Toothpaste and Natural Alternatives
  • Natural Makeups
  • Our weight loss obstacles
  • Small changes we can make to be healthier each and every day


We have been brainstorming and creating our 2013 craft list.  I can’t wait to create and share some of them with you.  Here are a few you can expect in the coming weeks:

  • Homemade Matchbox Cars
  • Picture Magnets
  • Photo Coasters
  • Unique DIY Jewelry
  • Homemade Upcycled Candles
  • Upcylced Crayons
  • And so many more!

I am still very excited for this year and creating a fun blog full of DIY projects and fun series.  If you have any fun ideas to share I would love to hear them!   Stay tuned for the series to start this coming Monday, one week behind but starting none the less!


5 thoughts on “January and February Blogging Plans”

  1. I am soooo happy you had that quality family time! Everybody needs that for an interchange of encouragement…….and these days, we ALL need it more and more~~~~~ 🙂

  2. I absolutely LOVE the picture of the family on the merry-go-round. How fun is that? And totally personifies our life in a way. And I am with you… just rolling with the punches. Happy New Year. 🙂

    1. It was so cute and at one time there were so many more on it but I wasn’t that fast at finding my phone. When they realized a picture was coming some jumped off.

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