Travel to Brazil with Little Passports

This was our first month to receive a country in our Little Passports kit.  It was a country my children were both so excited to learn more about, Brazil!  With their love of the Disney movie Rio, they have often talked about traveling to Rio and what better way to get them interested in learning more about the country.

We received a letter from Sam and Sofia that explained each of the pieces included in the package which the kids loved.  The worksheet takes a little time to do with the kids being a bit young but they loved it!

We learned about Amethyst (one was included and they kids thought it was really cool!)  There was a picture included of a cute monkey that we studied more about.

We learned a great deal (that they even remember) about Brazil.  So we added the stamp to our passport and added a pin sticker to our world map.  Austin new were it was but he helped to show his sister how to match the shape of the country to one on the map.

For the low price of $11.95, you can receive your very own Little Passports Global Adventures package.  With the opportunity to make learning so much fun, be sure to check out Little Passports to get your child involved in learning about the countries of the world or each State right here in the U.S.

Stay tuned as we studied even more about Brazil that we will soon be sharing, including some amazing Brazilian recipes and worksheets you can use to make another stop on your trip to Brazil.

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