Build Imagination and Creativity with Green Toys from PlanToys® #NGFamily

Let me start by telling you just how hard it was to get Austin to look up and semi-cooperate for a photo; he was too busy building.  Since phasing out many of our plastic toys (his tools where favorites), he has missed building things with tools.  This 60-piece construction set from PlanToys® has filled that gap!

I have been searching out wooden toys for a while trying to decide which road to head down.  PlanToys® is a green company that uses green materials so I was ready to see what my children thought.  The problem was now deciding!  That is not an easy task for a 4-year old and soon to be 3-year old.  After scouring the website and looking at almost every toy they offer we narrowed it down to a few (just wait to you see what Addie ended up with)!

About PlanToys®

Plan Toys are made in Thailand.  As a company, PlanToys® practices the “FOUR R’s” of green living: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Their manufacturing processes are designed to reduce waste and save energy by using alternative energy sources.   Plan Toys uses solar energy and low emission bio-fuels to power the machinery that kiln-dries the wood and the finished toys.  Biomass is also used in the curing and plywood molding process. This form of energy helps reduce electricity usage and waste. PlanToys® will soon be using a Biomass Steam Turbine Generator.

We reuse materials, and have introduced innovative methods to recycle paper and other products.  The Construction set is made from Kiln Dy, chemical free Rubberwood.  They use E-Zero Glue with water-based, non-toxic paint.  Not only do they use many recycled materials, you can even recycle your toys if you ever can’t find another child that would LOVE them!   Even the packages are printed with soy ink and water-based ink.

PlanToys® has proved it is possible to maintain superior quality standards while steadfastly following a path of environmental and social responsibility.

Educational Fun

The construction set is designed to help your child develop motor skills, enhance concentration and improve their hand-eye coordination.   This construction set comes complete with a wooden screw driver and wrench to allow your little one to build whatever they can imagine and then take it apart and start over, helping to stimulate their imagination and creativity.

The parts are brightly colored and large enough that any child 3 + up can enjoy and easily handle them.  The day we opened the package, Daddy helped Austin build a forklift and they also build a Firetruck (instructions are included) but he hasn’t stopped there.  My children have developed strong imaginations and can pretend for hours on end. He used his Firetruck to put out fires, build a windmill, water tower and even a school bus.

Addie has really enjoyed playing right along side her brother.  She still has a little difficulty getting them apart but I am amazed at how well she can get them all put together.

I love that PlanToy®s not only creates great imaginary, educational fun toys but that they do so with the environment and safety of our children and planet in mind.  They are truly a wonderful company and I am so excited to have found them.

Purchase PlanToys®

After three decades in business PlanToys® are now available in over 59 countries.  You can order PlanToys® from Amazon and are found at many green online retailers.  The 60-Piece Construction set retails for $60.  Be sure to take a look at all the amazing Green Toys that PlanToys® offers over at their website.  Our next step will be the PlanCity!  Be sure to follow PlanToys® on Twitter and like them on Facebook to keep up to date with all the new and exciting toy news!


Win PlanToys®

I am so excited that PlanToys® will be a sponsor in the Noise Girls For the Family event!  You won’t want to miss all the amazing items that will be offered.  Come back on September 1st to enter for your chance to win.  Be sure to follow PlanToys® on Facebook and Twitter to get a head start on the giveaway entries.

Disclosure:  I was provided with the above toy to review.  All opinions are 100% those of myself and my children.  (Clearly we love PlanToys!)

49 thoughts on “Build Imagination and Creativity with Green Toys from PlanToys® #NGFamily”

  1. I love the look of the toys, and they are the right size for little hands. I know my kid loves to build things, so they would probably be taking it apart and “fixing” it all the time!

  2. I love that these toys have bigger pieces and you don’t have to worry about the younger siblings getting hold of them. Really cute toys too!

  3. Love the look of this! Perfect for boys or girls. Sometimes new and complex isn’t better, old fashioned and simple is awesome! Thanks! =)

  4. I have heard of green toys before but not Plantoys. These are great. I like them because they are made of wood and will last longer and not break as easily as other toys. I like the fact that the kids can put them together themselves giving them learning skills . I also like that yous recycle and use recyclable products and help save energy by using alternative energy sources

  5. sheila musselman askins

    i love that these are chemical free…children are exposed to much as it is..and their toys shouldnt be another exposure! thanks!

  6. Alexandra Pitcher

    I saw this in the store the other day while shopping for a friends daughter and was floored by how cute it is; I just love plan toys. Its hard to compete with wooden toys!

  7. when my last baby was born I got rid off all our dangerous plastic toys and only bought organic and mostly wooden toys- plan toys was high on our list and everything we own from them we are very happy with

  8. I love that they use such a great, natural process for creating their toys. Plus, these are going to be very strong, durable toys. My sons (twins, 4) would LOVE their toys!

  9. I love that they’re wooden – and they look like so much fun…great for any kid who likes to build stuff and put stuff together!

  10. What a great set for teaching kids. I love how they look at safety for children. I think this is great for any little builder.

  11. Wodden toys are so much better for our children than plastic ones. Not to mention that they are so much better for our environment as well. This set looks like it would be so much fun for our son!!

  12. This is like the perfect toy for my little guy, who loves building and tinkering with things! Such high quality too!

  13. Their manufacturing processes are designed to reduce waste and save energy by using alternative energy sources . This is great!!!

  14. I first learned about this company through a blog giveaway. Now it’s one of my daughter’s favorites. I love how “green” the company is and their selection is awesome!

  15. This is the first time I have heard about these toys! I love wood toys and I am so glad to see a company that practices green living!

  16. This construction set would be perfect for my son! He has a tool set and loves pretending to fix things, but this is better because it comes with something you can actually build!

  17. If I phased out our plastic toys, I think we would have nothing left. I’d love to though. Wooden toys are so much better! My girls would love that toy for sure. I’ll have to keep an eye out for Plan toys, thanks.

    PS – your last image isn’t working right.

    1. We have phased them out slowly. Wooden toys can be expensive but we watch for sales and purchase less. Thanks for the heads up on the photo, taking a look now. Oh and PlanToys are amazing!

  18. We absolutely love plan toys!! One of my daughter’s favorite toys right now is her Plan Toys Pull-Along Snail. We actually got it for my son and we’ve gotten 3+ years out of it between two kids and countless playdates. My son would love that construction set.

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