Burlap Crafts: Repurposed Pudding Cup Baskets

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#ReadySetEat Burlap Craft baskets horizontal viewAfter successfully getting past the first month of school with 2 in school + 1 toddler, I can say we are starting to get into a little groove. Most days are successful, some days are hard to make it through and we have had a few days I think I lost a hair or two. Overall though, we are learning the best times to take breaks so we don’t loose focus, to have snack time so none of the kids get grouchy and overall make learning fun, even for the two year old!

#ReadySetEat Hersheys Chocolate Pudding Cups

Snacks have become an important part of the day. It gives them something to look forward to, and seems to give them a little burst or recharge when we start back again. I usually let the kids each pick one snack they would like each week. Sometimes, Austin uses that big brain and will choose something that the girls can’t eat because of their dairy allergy. That way he gets to keep it all to himself! He is a smart cookie! The girls aren’t left out by any means and they get to choose something for me to purchase or make as well.

#ReadySetEat Hersheys Smores Pudding Cups

This last week he wanted pudding. Not mom’s homemade pudding, but Hershey’s pudding. I hadn’t purchased pre-made pudding in forever but being that I am so pregnant and tired, I love that there is nothing I have to do. Hershey’s Pudding is rich, creamy pudding made with real Hershey’s cocoa. He loves the flavor and texture. He choose Hershey’s S’mores Pudding & I choose to get Hershey’s Chocolate Pudding for Daddy.

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After the pudding was eaten, we couldn’t throw away the cups. Austin had so many ideas, but I decided to repurpose them into simple Burlap Baskets that took only a few minutes to be used for an upcoming party!  We are going to be making lots of fun burlap crafts this fall.  You could even do this when the cups are full and serve cute pudding cups.

#ReadySetEat Burlap Craft suppliesYou only need a few simple items to make them: clean pudding cups, unbleached muslin, burlap, ribbon, a few twigs, hot glue and scissors.

#ReadySetEat Burlap Craft baskets handle ad

(As always, when using a hot glue gun or scissors, use caution.)
I would have loved to have found brown flexible twigs for the handles, but nothing we had in the yard worked. These green twigs will likely turn brown before our party and match perfectly! You could also use pipe cleaner or something else for your handles. Dab each side with a little hot glue and adhere them to the top sides of the cup.

#ReadySetSnack Muslin layerI started by cutting strips of muslin about 1/4″ taller than cups. I placed a very small dot of glue on the bottom of the cup, and then gently folded it over slightly and glued it down. This creates a fuller appearance and allows for a little ruffle as you go around the cup. I created about 4-5 folds per cup, gluing at each point and then gluing the seam closed.

#ReadySetEat Burlap Craft baskets burlap wrapThen I cut my burlap into strips about 1 1/2″ wide and just enough to go around the center of each cup. I glued the beginning and ends of the burlap down carefully.

#ReadySetEat Burlap Craft baskets ribbon wrapNext came the ribbon. Cut just enough for it to wrap around the center of the burlap, gluing at the start and finish.

#ReadySetEat Burlap Craft baskets top viewThat’s it! Now you are finished. Your empty Hershey’s Pudding cups get to be enjoyed a second time around, by filling the baskets with a yummy treat!

#ReadySetEat Burlap Craft basketsWant more fun craft ideas?  Visit Kraft.com for more inspiration and share your favorite with me!

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