Burlap Décor: DIY Family Photo Wall Hanging

As an HP Smart Mom Panel member, I received free products to create a fun #StickaPic project. The opinions expressed in this post is my own.

hp photo wall hanging

Most of us take photos regularly. For some of us it is even daily. I have literally thousands of photos stored on my phone, on my computer and even a dozen or so SD cards full of photos that have never been printed. All were memories I wanted to capture, memories I wanted to be able to share and look back on, but memories that are currently stored away.

Now that we have moved into our new house, I am ready to get those photos off their devices and out where we can enjoy them!

HP Snapchat app display

HP has created a new app and product to make it a little easier for all of us! The HP Social Media Snapshot app & photo paper allow you to print your photos your shared on social media or stored photos directly from your phone in a snap! And the photo paper has a sticky back side so the possibilities to use the photos are endless!  Find out more about the HP Snapshot app here.

Since my walls are totally bare and I love burlap décor, I decided I would create a family photo wall hanging. With the HP Snapshot app, it will be so easy to update the photos and switch them out with current pictures.

hp wall display supplies

diy Burlap Décor Photo Wall Hanging

For this project you will need:

  • wooden dowel rod
  • 3-6 wooden rectangle blanks
  • burlap
  • ribbon
  • hot glue
  • embellishments
  • 3-6 photos

You can add as few or many wooden blanks as you would like, I decided on five for our family. You can purchase the dowel rod and wooden rectangle blanks at any craft store. The dowel rod is about $.50-$1.00 depending on the size and the wooden blanks are about $1 each.

To begin, I used a dry brush to paint a thin coat on my dowel rod. I used white but this would even be fun in a color.

hp wall display in burlap

Once dried, I wrapped the front of each wooden blank in a piece of burlap and glued it around the edges on the back side.

hp wall display step

hp wall display ribbons

Next I cut ribbon to hang the wooden blanks from the dowel rod. I measured the length of ribbon I would need to fold it over the rod and glue it to the back side of each blank. Then I hot glued the ribbon to the back side of the wooden blank.

hp wall display ribbon button

Now the only thing left is to embellish them and add photos!  I choose to add small bows and buttons and just glued them on.

hp wall display upclose

With the HP Social Media Shapshot photo paper it is super easy to display your photos and then change them out regularly.

This project took a short amount of time but also gave me a great chance to get the first family memory up on the wall for us to enjoy!

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