Burlap Flower Headband Tutorial

Burlap Flower Headband Final

With arrival of our newest addition Bethany, I have been having so much fun creating girlie things.  Before Bethany was born, the kids and I had a blast walking JoAnne’s, Hobby Lobby and Michaels trying to help our little one make her arrival.    On those trips I couldn’t help but pick up some amazing fabrics for a few projects.  One thing I purchased for a few upcoming projects was burlap.

With fall on the way, burlap starts appearing everywhere.  I decided to take a small strip and see what I could do with it.  After a few minutes, this burlap flower was born and I decided it would be a perfect addition to a small headband for my little one!

All you need just a few simple items and about ten minutes.  Gather a needle and thread, elastic headband (or make your own), glue gun, button and a piece of burlap.

burlap flower 1

I cut my burlap strip to be 2 1/2″ tall by 10″ wide.  Then I removed a two strands from each side to give the burlap more of a fringed effect.  You could do a few more or less if you prefer.  Then I took my glue gun and sealed the end to have a circle.\

burlap flower 3

To start your flower, on the inside edge simple fold over the burlap slightly and hold it in place with a slight dab of hot glue.

burlap flower 4

Place another dab of hot glue on the edge and fold over again.  Repeat.  After you continue and have about half the flower folded over this is what it will look like, kinda odd, yes I know but go ahead and continue it!

BUrlap flower 5

Now you will need to decide how you want to finish it.   I picked out a yellow button and sewed it on but first I secured it with a very small amount of glue.  Then you can sew or glue it onto your headband.  I found gluing to be easier with the burlap personally.

burlap flower 6

Once I am able to pull out my cloth totes I can’t wait to add a layer of lace or tulle on top to give it a more textured but feminine look.  I think this will be perfect for family pictures this fall!

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