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As part of a sponsored campaign about starting your own business, I am sharing the following information with you.

A few weeks back I shared with you that many families are looking into starting the own businesses as a way to generate income as a family.  I will tell you in starting any new venue, there are so many questions and risks.  We often have an idea of how we think something happens and in reality that is usually never how it actually plays out.

I was recently introduced to franchising opportunities with Supercuts.  Supercuts is a great company that provides families with quality, affordable hair cutting solutions.  I was quite intrigued as I wanted to be a cosmetologist growing up but never pursued it.  At first I shot down the idea that I could ever take part in a franchise like Supercuts because I don’t cut hair but here are a few things I learned.

Common Supercuts and Franchising Misconceptions:

  • This business is for hairstylists. It’s not a serious business for people who aren’t hairstylists.
  • You need to know how to cut hair to open a Supercuts franchise.

These are both FALSE!

The Truth about Supercuts and Franchising

  • The hair care industry is stable, a necessity.  It is a need based business, not a want based business. (Frozen yogurt is a want, but a haircut is a need, both in good times and in bad.)
  • Cutting hair cannot be made technologically obsolete so it will always be needed.
  • Services must be performed by a licensed professional, you won’t ever be cutting hair, you will be in charge of running the business instead.
  • It’s simple to own a Supercuts. You don’t have a high amount of staff, inventory costs are low, hours are especially reasonable compared to other franchise industries such as food, automotive, child care, fitness, etc.
  • The Supercuts brand is widely recognized. It’s also backed by national advertising, robust web and mobile presence and the Supercuts brand is sought after nationally.

There are so many options available today to start your own businesses.  You can look into this recent NPR article that discusses some of the whys and hows franchisees chose Supercuts.

Could you ever picture yourself as a business owner?

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