Looking for Unique Green Gifts, Buy Green is the Answer #GivingGreen

Buy Green offers thousands of green, eco-friendly and sustainable items from solar hanging lanterns to Green Toys, grills, solar emergency preparedness items, eco-friendly clothing items, eco-cleaning products, outdoor furniture, and lots of great gardening items.

All of the items sold from Buy Green go through their rating system, the Green Product Standards so you can truly understand the impact of that product’s life cycle.    You can have the confidence you can make a good informed decision about what you are purchasing and the effects it has on environment!

We decided to let Hubby be the recipient of a gift from Buy Green.  After he took some time looking over the sight, he choose the Solarlink ARC FR600.  Self-Powered Digital AM/FM/SW/NOAA, S.A.M.E. Weather Radio

Living in Arkansas we have our fair share of storms (a tornado hit our town in February 2008) and go without power it seems like several times each year from storms and ice.  Although we have a NOAA weather radio, this is so much more!

It is self-powered and features a digital AM/FM/SW/NOAA, S.A.M.E. weather radio with flashlight, siren, solar power and cell phone charger-talk about mulch-purpose.

It can be powered from four different sources:
1) Dynamo/hand crank which charges the Ni-MH battery
2) From 3 AA batteries (not included)
3) From the AC via USB adapter (not included)
4) Solar power which charges Ni-MH battery

I love that it has a hand-crank option as well as a solar option.   When you are with-out power for extended times periods it is nice to not have to rely on batteries (because those eventually run out too!)

Win From Buy Green

The Frugal Greenish Mama & Simmworks Family has teamed up with Buy Green in our Giving Green event to offer one of our readers a $100.00 Buy Green Gift Card so you can select something perfect for a member of your family.  Be sure to visit the Buy Green site and let me know which product(s) you would choose to select if you win!


We received the above product for our review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

17 thoughts on “Looking for Unique Green Gifts, Buy Green is the Answer #GivingGreen”

  1. What a practical choice! It’s also great that it has 4 options for power sources. We don’t always have good batteries handy.

  2. We live in a rural part of CO and also go through power outages often. That’s definitely a handy item. I’m adding the site to my favorites. I’m always looking for more green shopping options.

  3. That radio is awesome! Perfect for power outages. I love that it has a cell phone charger! We only have on car and sometimes I’m at home with the kids during a power outage with no way to charge my phone if needed.

  4. I am always looking for green gift ideas that my not-so-green family and friends will still love. This looks like a good site to turn to for gift-giving needs! They’ve got everything over there 🙂

  5. I’ve never heard of Buy Green before, but how interesting! When our last power outage occurred I realized I have nothing, even a flashlight! I’m fascinated by the item your husband picked, my husband and I should really get something like this!

    1. I totally feel you. The year we moved from Florida, 3 hurricanes hit before we left. Where we live now, a tornado hit our town the night my son was born in 2008. They really are a necessity!

  6. I had never heard of BuyGreen.com. Thank you for getting the site out there. It is so hard to wade through the sea of sites claiming to be green.

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