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Many years ago when I was attending college I applied for a part-time job at a local optical shop.  I had worn glasses most of my life, it was perfect for my schedule and I thought it would be a fun job so I jumped in when I was offered the position.  Little did I know it would be something I would fall in love with!

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One summer day I was dispensing a pair of glasses for a four-year old little girl, the same age as Addie is now.  She sat across from me on the dispensing table.  Her prescription was so strong, the poor little one couldn’t see.  Without glasses her uncorrected vision would have been considered legally blind. Even almost 14 years later I can remember how thick her lenses were in her little pink frames.  I gently sat them on her noise and her eyes glimmered!  She looked at my hand as if it was something foreign to her.  She touched my face as if she hadn’t seen a human before.  It brought tears to my eyes.

That little girl was seeing real life for the first time, literally.  She accepted the world as she knew it through her eyes.  She truly had been missing out on what the world looks like, until that moment.

Having decided that I wanted to become an optician from that point forward I have dispensed thousands of pairs of eyeglasses.  Coming from a family of seven, who all need corrective lenses and wear glasses I know just how difficult it can be to afford new eyeglasses when they are truly needed.   One solution that many families fail to think about is vision insurance.  While we didn’t have vision insurance growing up, as a teenager when we did finally invest in VSP vision insurance my parents wondered why they didn’t do it sooner!

VSP Vision Care is not just for employers, it can also be purchased by individuals!  Consumer research shows that people who have VSP vision insurance pay substantially less than purchasing glasses at a national optical retailer without vision benefits.  VSP provides you with a frame allowance as well as full coverage of basic lenses.  If you want upgrades, they also provide discounts on lens options including progressive lenses, photochromic lenses, anti-reflective coating, scratch-resistant coating and UV protection.

For those of us that wear glasses every single day we know that  having glasses that fit our own personality is crucial!  Our style is an extension of our personality, and our glasses can help accentuate this!  VSP offers classic styles to the latest designer frames; you’ll find hundreds of options for you and your family!


What are the benefits of enrolling in VSP vision insurance?

  1. Keep your eyes healthy with highly credentialed doctors who provide the most thorough exams.
  2. Save money – the average VSP member saves approximately $320 each year with vision insurance!
  3. Get access to great eyewear – more than two dozen brands and hundreds of styles to choose from!
  4. Enable your family to experience life to the fullest.

Bottom line, VSP Vision Care helps you to save money, keep your eyes healthy and look great.

You can see just how much you can save with VSP Vision Care by using their interactive savings calculator on

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

3 thoughts on “How You Can See Much More”

  1. Aw, how sweet! I wore glasses from 2nd grade until 4th grade and then didn’t need them again until I was a sophomore. I’ve needed them ever since. My 7 year old got them last year. 🙁 We have pretty good vision insurance through hubby’s work, but if not, this would definitely be something we would have to look into!

  2. What a sweet post! I can only imagine seeing that little girl “see” for the very first time! I have had my daughter’s eyes checked hundreds of times with her health concerns, but I really need to schedule an appt for my son so I appreciate the reminder!

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