Turn Maps into Canvas Wall Art Tutorial

When we started redecorating Austin’s room, I saw some really cute Map wall art.   At $29.99 a piece as much as I liked it, I wasn’t spending that type of money.  We started looking at ways we could create cute map art for the walls.

Canvas Wall Art Tutorial

Canvas Maps 2

I had lots of ideas but the first one we decided to try was using stretched canvas pieces we found on clearance for $4.00 a piece, one of Austin’s favorite maps and Modge Podge!

Canvas Map 3

First cover your work surface with newspaper or craft paper.  We trimmed the maps so that we had just enough to cover the front and sides.

Canvas Maps layyer

Next place a rather thick coat of modge podge on the canvas itself.  Carefully place your map on the canvas, adjusting it so that it is centered and the sides have equal amounts to cover the canvas.  Now smooth out the map on the canvas.  We choose to leave ours a little bumpy to give it more of a globe effect.  Let the modge podge dry completely.

Canvas Map 5

Now turn the canvas over and trim down the sides if need be.  Place a layer of modge podge on the sides.

Canvas Map 6

Fold the map down similar to wrapping a present.  Use a small amount of modge podge on the corners so the folds will stick.  Again, allow to dry completely.

Canvas Maps 10

Turning the canvas back over, place a layer of modge podge on the front of the map, cover completely.  You want the layer to be a little thick but try to spread it out evenly.

Once the front is completely dry, make sure your sides have sealed well and if need be, add a little more modge podge to the edges to create a proper seal.

After it finishes drying, find a home for your new art work!

This can be used with any type of print and would be a fun way to dress up or update any wall in your home.

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