Why We Are Digging Fresh Step and Cat-bearding

I was excited to be able to try the latest natural Fresh Step cat litter with plant extracts as part of a sponsored campaign with the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community and their client. 


Growing up I was never allowed to have a cat indoors, we rarely even had an outside cat other than a stray due to my Father and brother’s severe allergies.  We had always been more of a dog family.  When I married Bryan, he was a cat person.  He had Garfield, his beloved cat for almost 12 years.

We didn’t ever discuss pets so one day when he brought two tiny black stray kittens home with him and I was a little shocked.  They were so small they could fit in the palm of your hand, literally!  It was funny how it happened, they were both black but from two different locations, one had short hair and the other had long, fluffy hair.  After a few days we named the male with long hair Frisky, as he was just that.  The tiny little female kitty was named Emmie.  They were both so affectionate and tiny, how could you not fall in love with them!

I am the type of person that associates a memory with a smell.  Some of my best memories are easily relived through certain smells, usually food or flowers.  The very first time I walked into our house and smelled that awful “cat litter” smell, my mind automatically went back to a friend’s house in Florida.  They had a new, beautiful home but it always and I mean always smelled so badly of cat litter.   That is not a smell I wanted people to associate with my home.  So we started trying all the new cat litters some would work okay and others, not so much.


Emmie is still with our family over 8 years later.  Although she now spends more time outdoors chasing things than she does inside, when I saw the new Fresh Step cat litter with new Odor Shield formula in Sam’s Club, I decided I would give it a go and try it out. 

Everything is bigger at Sam’s Club, you are buying in bulk after all, so the bag was 42 pounds for only $14.88. You can see more about my shopping trip in my #ClubFreshStep G+ album.

Paw points

Not only do you get a great price but they also offer a great rewards program, Paw Points.  Right now, if you purchase the 42 pound package of the Fresh Step with Odor Shield protection at Sam’s Club you will earn double Paw Points from 9/9-10/31, then you can redeem them for cool stuff for you and your feline.

The Odor Shield formula features carbon and plant extracts to eliminate odor naturally by trapping them in.  The absorbent clay is activated by your pet’s paws and since it is formed from volcanic ash, it traps liquids and odors leaving your cat a happy place.  Unlike other bargain brands, Fresh Step is 99% dust free which is a huge plus because who needs more dust.  Being a person concerned with germs lingering around the house, it also contains antimicrobial properties to help block odors, as well as protect against the growth of the nasty bacteria that can linger.

Not having odors means not only a happy cat but happy Mama as well!

What About Having Some Cat-Bearding Fun?

catbearding addie #shop #cbias #clubfreshstep

Have you heard about or seen one of the new latest trends on the web, cat-bearding?  When I first heard the term I didn’t have any clue what it was.  With a quick search I figured it out!  It looks fun and the pictures can turn out really cute but unless you have a super easy-going cat it can be quite challenging.

catbearding austin #shop #cbias #clubfreshstep

Our first few attempts were indeed a challenge and we didn’t get great pictures.  Flat out, Emmie hated it!  After figuring out that she was willing to play much better on a full tummy of warm milk, we were able to snap some really great pictures.

Bryan helped us get a few photos and then even got in on the action himself.

Catbearding Hubby #Shop #ClubFreshStep

And boys will be boys, watch the short video below to see what happened when my boys were let loose.

Now is your turn!  Why not try out cat-bearding yourself and enter into a contest to win a prize pack that values $1000!  It includes a $300 professional photo session with the winner and their cat and a $700 Sam’s Club gift card.  The contest is open to US residents 18 years old and is open until 9/30.  Head over to Brie Brie Blooms and be sure to enter your own cat-bearding photos.  Who knows, you might even win!

Have You Tried Cat-Bearding Before?

14 thoughts on “Why We Are Digging Fresh Step and Cat-bearding”

  1. You got a great cat bearding shot with your little boy. We are using the new improved Fresh step with Carbon formula and the difference is night and day- and the cat approves too, which is the most important, haha.

  2. Hahaha, love it! Cat-bearding is fun but I’m afraid of my sister’s cat so I’d never try it. I don’t know what kind of cat litter she uses, but I’m going to let her know about this one.

  3. Cat bearding, how funny! I have never heard of it before!! We have always had black cats, though we’re cat free now since we have a dog that doesn’t like cats at all!

  4. We’ve had a number of cats over the years and they were always indoor/outdoor cats. But managing odors was still important because they liked to come inside to use the litter box! And this is the first time I’ve seen catbearding!

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