Burlap Décor: DIY Family Photo Wall Hanging

Most of us take photos regularly. For some of us it is even daily. I have literally thousands of photos stored on my phone, on my computer and even a dozen or so SD cards full of photos that have never been printed. All were memories I wanted to capture, memories I wanted to be able to share and look back on, but memories that are currently stored away.

Now that we have moved into our new house, I am ready to get those photos off their devices and out where we can enjoy them!

How to Hide the Cords from Your Wall-Mounted TV

When we purchased our very first wall mounted TV, both my husband and I were so excited.  It enabled us to get ride of the entirely too bulky entertainment center that once lived on our entire living room wall, to a simple shelf.  We started with the TV on top of the shelf, because it came with a stand but quickly realized we wanted it mounted to the wall.  That was easy enough.  Bryan mounted a swivel mount and in twenty minutes it was up on the wall.  While I was completely happy with it, the cord now really stood out.

DIY Mickey Cupcake Stand -

DIY Mickey Cupcake Stand – Ten Minutes!

You might laugh at how simple this really is!  Although this likely wont be our last Mickey Mouse party (because hey, we love the Mouse)!  I really like to try to make things simple, and repurpose when I can.  When I was looking at cupcake stand ideas, I really wanted to work with what I had and not go out and purchase something.  I looked online for ideas and didn’t find one I loved but saw something similar made with a yogurt cup for a small tray and thought it would be perfect, just bigger.