Burlap D├ęcor: DIY Family Photo Wall Hanging

Most of us take photos regularly. For some of us it is even daily. I have literally thousands of photos stored on my phone, on my computer and even a dozen or so SD cards full of photos that have never been printed. All were memories I wanted to capture, memories I wanted to be able to share and look back on, but memories that are currently stored away.

Now that we have moved into our new house, I am ready to get those photos off their devices and out where we can enjoy them!

Simple Winter Tablescape that is Perfect for Easy Cleaning

Who loves to clean? I love to have a clean house but you know the more I seem to clean, the more messes seem to replicate. Seriously, I am not sure where they all come from. Okay, so maybe that isn’t true, I have four children y’all and they like to make messes. So as much as I don’t necessarily love to clean, I have just had to come to reality that it is a part of life. If you stop over, my house will not be perfectly clean, because we are busy living life.

Burlap Crafts: Repurposed Pudding Cup Baskets

After successfully getting past the first month of school with 2 in school + 1 toddler, I can say we are starting to get into a little groove. Most days are successful, some days are hard to make it through and we have had a few days I think I lost a hair or two. Overall though, we are learning the best times to take breaks so we don’t loose focus, to have snack time so none of the kids get grouchy and overall make learning fun, even for the two year old!