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Seeing Life Up Close with My First Lab

As soon as Austin started learning, he had a strong desire to learn. He wanted to know the details of how things worked, how things were put together, what made things work. He had just turned three and we were driving down the road and he kept asking questions like, what else is the road made of other than rocks and asphalt? What makes the tires spin? What part of the engine keeps it running?

Books + Technology = Perfect Homeschooling Tools

I have to confess, I am a nerd. I get excited about new pencils, new notebooks and school books. I always have. Now that I have children and we have a couple of years of homeschooling under our belt, I still get just as excited when back-to-school time rolls around. When new books arrive, they are no exception. I love the smell of a new book, flipping through crisp new pages.

When I stumble across Usborne Books & More I was excited! Beyond excited. They had so many amazing non-fiction books on topics covering the body, the weather, space, our solar system, art, history, animals….I truly could go on and on. From my very first order I was hooked. They were perfect homeschooling tools. Then I found out I could host a Facebook party and earn free books and I was even more excited. Two of the free books I selected were children’s encyclopedias.