Becoming a Mom and Wanting What’s Best

I have wanted to be a mother for as long as I can remember. I cared for my dolls as a child, helped with my younger siblings, and took on babysitting jobs as I got old enough. Overall, I loved caring for little ones. Growing up in a family of five children, I had been around little ones since I was young. I thought I was somewhat prepared for motherhood.
From the moment I laid eyes on my first baby, I understood what love at first sight meant. I had felt him wiggle, squirm and let me know he is stretching inside me for months. The love you feel as a mom starts long before you see them. But once you do, it is a new kind of love I had never felt before. This little being was now my own. I was in charge of caring for him, protecting him, teaching him, helping guide him…and the love I felt was unlike any I had felt before.