Changes to Expect in Your Body During Pregnancy

Thank-you to Lamaze Intimates for sponsoring our discussion today about breastfeeding. 

This time around since Bethany is my third, I know so much more so what to expect with my body changing.  While I may not have been comfortable talking so openly about breastfeeding and my body with my first, it is truly just a natural part of having a child.  With my first, I didn’t realize just how soon my breasts would start making drastic changes but the truth is, our bodies start to prepare to make milk for our little ones very early.

Changes to Expect in your Body During Pregnancy:

  • Yes, your breasts will grow larger during your pregnancy.  (My son so graciously pointed out to me I must be making milk for his sister).
  • You may notice that your nipple and areola are larger, darker and become more sensitive, that is completely normal.
  • During the final part of your second trimester you may actually be ready to start making milk.  This is something that Mamas to preemies are truly thankful of.  I had never thought about it much before until my son was born.  I was so worried since he was in the NCIU and early that I wouldn’t be able to produce what he needed, but I was wrong.  Thankfully in about four days my milk supply came in.
  • I had no idea I would start leaking before the baby was born but it happens.  This is technically colostrum which is really your pre-milk or first milk that is very high in protein and rich in antibodies to give your little one exactly what they need during their first few days of life.
  • Since your bra size will be changing, it is best to wait to purchase your nursing bras towards the end of your third trimester.  Be sure to try on more than one style so you can find the proper fit and comfort for you.

Having nursed for over four years I had the advantage to know what style bras I prefer.  Lamaze Intimates is a newer online maternity and nursing apparel company that offers a wide selection of adorable nursing and maternity bras as well as many comfort options!

Lamaze Intimates Tank

I lived in my nursing tanks for so many reasons and Lamaze Intimates has you covered in that department as well.  I was sent a Cotton Spandex Comfort Nursing Camisole to try from the kind ladies at Lamaze Intimates and I have to say, I know I am going to love using it for nursing just as much as I enjoyed the nursing tanks I had previously.

Since I did nurse discreetly in public, I didn’t like my back or tummy being exposed.  Wearing a nursing tank gives you all the comforts of a nursing bra with simple one handed open/close clasps but providing amazing coverage.  They are perfect  for layering and just look like a regular camisole.

Lamaze Intimates Lace bra

Want something a little more special?  Why not try a lace nursing bra?

They have very reasonable prices and fast shipping.  Right now you can check here to see if a discount code is being offered for TFGM readers.  Lamaze Intimates is going to be giving away a gift card in our Bringing Home Baby giveaway event beginning on September 13th.  Be sure you come back to enter!

To connect with Lamaze Intimates, you can like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter where they often run giveaways themselves.

Did you notice other drastic changes I left out during your pregnancy?

4 thoughts on “Changes to Expect in Your Body During Pregnancy”

  1. NURSING TANKS!!! Ohhhh my goodness, I could live in them (especially the first few weeks when you’re engorged!) SO comfortable. Heck, I wore mine through most of my last trimester, lol!!! (And more forgiving – I can’t buy nursing bras until my milk comes in, either!)

  2. Love how pretty that purple bra is! I never had cute nursing bras. And I always waited until after my milk came in before trying them on because both times my boobs were different sizes.

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