The Perfect Gift for Mom: The Cheapest Wireless Plans

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What would you consider to be the best gift for your mother?  See why I feel that one of the Cheapest Wireless Plans could be the best gift you could give!

Most moms out there are usually pretty easy to purchase gifts for.  Growing up, my mother was happy with anytime we thought enough about her to give her a gift.  Whether it was wild flowers (ie weeds from the yard), a box of chocolates or an expensive stained glass piece of art, my mother always showed heartfelt appreciation for the thought behind the gift.  After all, it is the thoughts that count!

Years later, when we look back at the things she most cherished it was the cards, the words, staying connected that matter most!  Until I was a teenager, we didn’t have cell phones to stay connected, they just were not around.  Now, we can’t imagine our lives without them!

As a mother myself, I rely heavily on my unlimited talk, text and data/web to stay connected!  Daily I talk to my family, usually my father and one or more of my sisters and we can rack up the minutes.  Thankfully I do not have to worry about keeping track as my son is starting to be quite the talker himself.

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Hubby has always hated talking on the phone but has finally embraced texting!  It is great to have mini conversations throughout the day to stay connected or chat about something silly the kids said.

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One of my favorite features of always staying connected is that I am able to grab my phone to snap photos of my adorable kiddos no matter where I am.  Having family so far away it, being able to share our moments with family within seconds is priceless!

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After being introduced to the Walmart Family Mobile plan at Walmart last year with my partnership with #CollectiveBias, I can honestly say one of the lowest priced unlimited plans would be the perfect gift for mom, dad or any family member!

At $39.88 for unlimited talk, text, and data for the first line and $34.88 for each line after, how can you go wrong?  If you don’t need a data package, try the cheapest wireless plan that is only $29.88 for unlimited talk & text.  For any mom on-the-go that wants to stay connected, it makes complete sense!

What is your idea of a perfect gift for mom?

6 thoughts on “The Perfect Gift for Mom: The Cheapest Wireless Plans”

  1. Which phone was that!? Did you like it? I am dying to find a phone that meets everything I need so I can switch to WFM. I really want a Galaxy, but with WFM it’s $600+ which is out of my budget right now. I’m thinking I may need to downgrade my current phone just so I can switch to WFM!!

      1. I just noticed that the S3 is on sale for $300 so not as bad as the $600! I’ve been keeping my eye out, but I will check that one out too!

    1. Until recently, hubby wouldn’t take the time to respond…lol but now it is my easiest way to get his attention! I love it!

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