Letters to My Children: Why I Cherish You

 kids laughingIt seems like it was just yesterday that I found out I was going to become a Mother. I knew I had a long road ahead of me but I couldn’t help but be so overjoyed. With each ultrasound I would hold my breathe to see your little heart beat and when I did it brought a tear to my eye.

The day I became your Mother I understood what love at first sight was. I loved you from the moment I knew you were alive inside me. That love grew and grew with each day, each flutter I felt and each pound I gained…all because I knew the end result was you.

It is hard to believe it has been 5 1/2 years since I became a Mother. It seems like only yesterday. With the birth of Bethany, I hold her and can’t help but think it seems that only yesterday Austin and Adalynne were this size. Where does the time go?

If I could freeze time I would like to think I would keep you all as my babies forever. That isn’t possible, I know. This is what I always want to remember about you right now, today.

Austin Baby

To Austin my dear son,

  • You can’t wait to be nine (because that is your favorite number right now).
  • You love to learn, are such a deep thinker, have such passion for life and are a brilliant little man.
  • You want to be a world traveler and experience everything…starting with the Sydney Opera House in Australia.
  • You are such a good big brother, always looking out for your sister and trying to teach her what you have learned. It makes for very long phonics lessons but you are so proud of being able to help Addie.
  • You love your sisters so much and told me today, “Bethany is the best thing in my life, I just love all my family.”
  • You love with such an open heart, give such big hugs and kisses, love to cuddle in the mornings and yell out many extra I love yous from your bed every night.

Addie baby

To Adalynne my princess,

  • You love to play with your babies and talk about when you will have your own baby one day.
  • You LOVE to sing, which makes my heart so happy. You don’t let not knowing the words stop you, you sing anyways and please never let that stop. You are such a bright light when you sing from your heart.
  • Your favorite song is Darius Rucker’s Wagon Wheel. You ask for it to be turned on the moment we load into the van and the singing commences, at the top of your voice. You know many of the words but the more excited you are, the more you run them together. It is the cutest thing on earth.
  • You love to give hugs and kisses but kisses come a dozen a pop, one is just not enough.
  • You crinkle your nose and make funny faces at people when you are uncomfortable.
  • You and Austin will laugh at each other for hours if we let you.
  • You have developed a fear of bugs but that is okay, because it lets Daddy have his moment as your hero.

Baby B sleepin

To My dear baby Bethany,

  • We are just getting to know one another but I can already tell so much about you…
  • When you are awake, you are eyes wide open taking it all in.
  • You don’t like to be moved while you are sleeping or eating and you are very vocal about it.
  • You love to cuddle close.
  • At three weeks old you are 7 pounds 3 ounces and just perfect!
  • You look so much like your Daddy right now, and already act like him in more ways than you realize.
  • You laugh in your sleep and I couldn’t love it any more.
  • Although it took me a while to adjust to the thought of having another baby, I can’t imagine a moment without now, nor would I want to.

I have come to appreciate that the cherished memories are made from everyday moments. You being genuinely you. Those everyday moments make my heart full and for that I feel so blessed.

I love watching that light in your eyes when you discover new things..  That smile of pride you display when you figure something out on your own, it is priceless.

kids together

It is truly the everyday moments we cherish.

Don’t grow up too fast.

Enjoy the days of being young and innocent, looking at the world with wonder and amazement.  I do and will continue to cherish your childhood everyday!

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13 thoughts on “Letters to My Children: Why I Cherish You”

  1. Oh goodness, those pictures are absolutely adorable! It makes me sad when my son says he wants to grow up…I want him to stay small forever! This year is his first year in school (Kindergarten) and it has been really hard on me because I’m having a hard time accepting the fact that he really is growing up.. Sad and exciting at the same time! 🙂

  2. I love the pictures! I love Adalynne’s name! I love this post and the thoughtful words for your kids! It is so touching and reminds me again how lucky we are to have such precious little beings!

  3. I love this post. It reminded me of those cards we would get from mom on special occasions. I knew I liked them then but I cherish them now and they have so much more meaning. The kids will love reading these when they get older. 🙂

    1. Thank-you Sarah! I cherish those very much. I find myself sitting down occasionally and reading the letters from Mom. They are very dear so I hope one day they will feel that way <3!

      1. Sarah you are so right. Yes our mother was wonderful about sending little notes to let us know she cared so deeply about each one of us. Amanda I know they will feel so privileged to have your letters when they are older. One suggestion- put those letters in a box and save the letters for Austin Addalynne and Little Bethany. Looking back on how things have changed so much in our lives the last few years I wish I would have thought to save each and everyone of those letters from mom. Our mother set such a beautiful example for us to follow in her footsteps. You are doing a wonderful job!

  4. What a great way to remember those moments each of them are in RIGHT now. 🙂 And for the record, I love that Austin wants to be 9. Our youngest, who just turned 4, tells everyone she is 9… and that our 9 year old is 3. Kids are awesome!

    1. Isn’t it funny how that works! Why 9 is the number but it is! Kinda like them telling me they want to get married because they always want to be together and don’t want to live apart 🙂 I will remind them of that when they are teenagers. I hope they do always stay as close as they are now.

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