Home Improvements: Choosing the Right Dining Chairs


Choosing The Right Chairs for Your Dining Set


When choosing a chair to go with a dining table there are certain things to ponder, apart from the aesthetics of the chair. The way the chair sits and how it interacts with the table are both important points to consider, as is the seat height and dimensions of the chair. Even the setting and positioning of the chairs relative to the windows and curtains in the dining area should be carefully considered.

While it can be said that matching curtain poles and curtain sets add color and zest to dining areas, our chair sets and the table itself lend character and appeal to these frequented places at home. With a diverse range of styles and shapes of chair, great time and consideration should be taken to find the ideal chairs for one’s home.


The best way to judge a chair is to use it, yet sitting on a chair at one table may be completely different when used with another table. It is important to try the chairs at the table they are intended for use with, as although most tables and chairs are a similar height, subtle differences can cause loss of comfort or practicality. Measuring the area the dining set will be occupying is also crucial to make the best use of the space. It is a good idea to imagine how the chairs will store under the table, or if they will not fit under the table, where else they can be stored, or used as a feature.

Types of Chairs

  1. High back chairs can add a grand feeling to a dining set and create the wow factor. Care should be taken, however, as when using a high back chair, there may be a risk of overpowering the look of smaller tables.
  2. Low back chairs can give a dining set a relaxed and informal feel and are ideal for use with smaller tables or in kitchen-diner areas.
  3. Leather chairs are popular as they offer a durable and practical surface, as well as creating a very specific look. Leather chairs can be found in a range of colours and can be used to great effect, either in one colour or by mixing and matching, with different types of dining table.
  4. Fabric chairs can look fantastic with the right table and can be found in a wide variety of colours and patterns to create a truly unique look.
  5. Ladder, slat back, and other types of wooden chairs can be found, with either wooden or fabric seat pads. These chairs are ideal for the wood enthusiast or for someone trying for a more rustic dining look.

The look and feel you choose will depend on what style you are hoping to attain.  As with all big home improvement decisions, the main thing about your decision is choosing something you are comfortable with and that fits your personality.

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