How You Can Clean Your Carpets Without Chemicals


In this sponsored post I was asked to share alternative ways to clean your carpets without chemicals.

I am so happy to have hardwood instead of carpet in our house but that hasn’t always been the case.  With having young children that spend a lot of their time on the floor I want my floors to be clean and free of harmful chemicals.  With my hardwoods it is relatively easy but for those with carpet it can prove to be a bit more of a challenge.

Green Cleaning Tips to Clean Your Carpet

  • Remove your shoes at the door – This is actually very simple but did you know that up to 85% of the dirt in our homes come from our shoes or pets?  Then think about all the places your shoes have been, like the convenience store bathroom, you don’t need to come inside with you. 
  • Vacuum frequently – This not only removes the surface level dirt but also reduces dust mites that can cause asthma issues.  
  • Clean up spills immediately – Spills, especially with children are a part of life.  To prevent them from soaking in deep, try to use a clean cloth to absorb them as quick as possible. 
  • Use a DIY carpet cleaner– If you have a stain, mix 1 cup warm water and 1/2 teaspoon mild liquid soap, such as dishwashing liquid or fine fabric detergent. Apply a small amount, blot by pressing a clean white towel into the carpet and lift. Repeat the process as necessary until it is removed.
  • Use a steam cleaner –Steam cleaning will make your carpets super clean!  Using a simple mixture of vinegar and water you can steam clean your carpets to bring them back to life.
  • Use a Green Carpet Cleaning Company – If all else fails and you need to have your carpets cleaned professionally, search out green carpet cleaning companies that use non-toxic and green cleaners.

Have you ever considered what your children are playing on when they spend so much time on the floor?

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27 thoughts on “How You Can Clean Your Carpets Without Chemicals”

  1. We’ve always had tiles or hardwood in our home, but now that we’re living on base our home is covered in carpet and having both myself and my daughter being asthmatic it’s been a pain trying to keep our carpets clean and us healthy. I’ll going to print this post and try doing some of the simple things you’ve listed. 🙂

  2. This is why we have hardwood lol. My husband loves carpet, but wasn’t willing to help me keep it clean when we had it in our first place. I’m also all about using natural ingredients to clean, especially with kids and pets running around.

  3. We have wooden floors through out and a few rugs here and there with having pets and children it needs to be able to be cleaned easily even still we do not allow people to wear their shoes inside the house,Thank you for these tips.

  4. In all of our homes my wife and I have ripped up carpet and put down tile or laminate flooring. If you could see what is beneath your carpet people would probably pick a cleaner alternative. This is a great post on chemical free cleaning. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. I have to admit when we moved we decided to only have carpet in the bedroom as we could keep is so much cleaner with the dog running around if we could quickly mop it over. x

  6. These are some really great tips to keeping carpets clean. Our carpet needs to love right now and am searching for a company to help us out. With children and dogs, I don’t want a bunch of crazy chemicals left behind.

  7. With young kids we really get some messes especially with training incidents whether its potty training or even drinking from a glass. These are some great times thank you for sharing

  8. We are a no shoe home also, but sometimes we have spills on our carpet. I am adamant about my kids telling me about spills immediately, but sometimes I can’t catch the ones they hide or forget about. I usually use a baking soda/vinegar paste for my carpets but I have light carpets and if you use that on dark carpets, it might do some bleaching to them.

  9. My carpets are nasty with my kids always spilling juice and whatever else on it. I have a carpet cleaner but I usually bring in the professionals to do it. I’ve never got a green carpet cleaner, will have to look into that and see if they’ll do a better job.

  10. We try to keep our carpets clean, but I think if we owned our own steam cleaner for carpets it would be a lot easier. We vacuum and don’t wear shoes int he house, but we have three kids, a dog and a cat. We need to steam clean much more often.

  11. I have found that just a small squirt of organic dish soap on a sponge can get rid of stains if you catch them early. This is a great post; household chemicals pose so many health risks that I avoid them like the plague. I never really thought of how important it would be to seek out a specifically “green” carpet cleaning service when having carpets serviced; that’s a great tip.

  12. With two young kiddiwinks, I can struggle with keeping up with cleanliness, but I adore my floor steam cleaner for my hard-wood floors downstairs. A great hygienic way to clean floors, without any chemicals! Fantastic!

  13. The first thing we do when we walk in our home is to take out shoes off, but messes still happen. I try to be as green as possible so I am happy to hear there are green carpet cleaners out there. I need to check and see if there are any in my neck of the woods.

  14. It is extremely hard to keep carpets clean with pets (I only have 1 cat no children) and with me being more then a little clumsy. I am going to try one or two of the tips but I have the feeling I’d better get a professional in here.

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