Cleaning with Just Water e-Cloth Review

I was very excited to find e-cloth and give their products a try.  Since we have been discussing Green Cleaning, what better timing to give their products a try.  They sent me a window pack, stainless pack and a personal electronic cleaning cloth.  First off, let me tell you a little about their company.  E-cloths are not just ordinary microfiber cloths.  e-cloths have 1.6 million fibers per square inch.  Using their unique fiber technology along with just ordinary water (I also used vinegar),  they break up and hold grease, grime and bacteria that would be left behind using ordinary cloths.  Since they guaranteed up to 300 washes, if you are still using paper products think of the money you could save!

The window pack comes with two cloths, one to remove the dirt and grime and the other to dry to a sparkle finish.  I thought they worked really well.  Because of having two little ones that consistently touch our sliding glass door and a golden that presses his noise to it, it needs to be cleaned daily.  It doesn’t get cleaned daily, but needs it.  I found the cloth with water alone did the job.  I also used vinegar and it worked as well.  No streaks were left behind after using.  This is usually the kiddos job, they get the bottom half and I get the top half and whatever they happen to leave behind.  It is nice as they each had a task and each had a cloth.

When the stainless cloths arrived, I thought well I don’t own any stainless appliances except my coffee pot!  But wait, I do have a stainless sink.  So off to try them out.  This pack also contains two cloths-one for cleaning and one for drying.  The cleaning cloth has two different surfaces.  One side is a rougher for really scrubbing and one softer side for the polished finishes.  Then there is also a drying cloth for a streak free shine.  Again, only water is required although I used vinegar and it worked great.

The third product I received was the personal electronics cleaning cloth.  Even though I haven’t yet used this, I know I will love it.  Our phones are carried everywhere with us.  We touch all kinds of things covered in all kinds of things we don’t even want to think about!  I can’t wait to give this a try.

Would you like to try out e-cloths?  They have kindly offered the same three products to one Frugal Greenish Mama reader.  Come back tomorrow to enter to win our Green Your Cleaning giveaway package!  To connect with ecloths visit them online., or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Disclaimer: I was provided with the above items for my honest opinions.  All opinions are 100% my own!




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  1. Hi Amanda – I liked your bit about having the stainless steel cloth but no stainless steel appliances. I’m in the same boat! It’s still a great cloth though and I’ve found a bunch of other uses for it – like cleaning the bugs off the windshield of my car ;o) I’ve also used it on my aluminum door to get the scuff marks off. The scrubby side is awesome!

    One note about the window cleaning set. All the e-cloth packages say colors may bleed when being washed. Personally, I’ve never found this an issue EXCEPT with the dark green polishing cloth that comes with the window set. After the initial wash (which I stupidly did with my shower pack, which WAS white, but is now greenish ;o) ), I washed the window polishing cloth a couple of times in my kitchen sink with hot water and now it’s safe to wash with everything else.

    Like you, I was only recently introduced to e-cloth. Before that, I was a die-hard Norwex fan. I’ve been slowly using all the e-cloth products and writing reviews on my blog if anyone is interested in a bit more information on anything.

    Enjoy your e-cloths! I LOVE them.

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