Clearing the Floors with VertiPlay Toys

As a mom of four who homeschool, we truly live in our house.  We eat 3+ meals a days, play, go to school, play, sleep, play, clean, play…all in our home.  Although it seems like I never stop cleaning and picking up, there is always toys in the floor.  Play is truly an essential part of children’s development and growth but I don’t like that it completely takes over every nook and cranny in our home.  When I was introduced to Oribel, I immediately thought the toys were brilliant and you will too!

I received samples to facilitate this post.  They recently launched a new line VertiPlay™, that is truly brilliant.  It takes advantage of vertical areas to play, keeping the floors cleared of toys and actually on the wall instead.

Parents who have seen these toys immediately remark how they remind them of their childhood playground days. Rather than sitting on the floor or at a kitchen table, as most toys are played, kids on the playground played standing up. Everyone was free to run around, making playtime extra fun. VertiPlay™ brings back this feeling while also serving as adorable wall art.

You simply need a smooth, non-textured surface, like a door or a wall to place the VertiPlay™ toy.  Each toy has adheres firmly to the wall with a strong, adhesive film.  Don’t worry, it is specially created to be removed so that it does not damage the paint or the wall.  I know because I initially hung ours rather crooked.  It was simple to remove and adhere again.

You can choose any area of the room at your child’s height and let their fingers do the playing!  The design team worked tirelessly to ensure that the toys are instinctive, offer great play value plus look great. Best of all, they deliver on several vital child development objectives! Building dexterity, discovering cause and effect or appreciating the concept of balance is all child’s play with these adorable room additions.


All the hard work paid off because the VertiPlay™ Tree Top Adventure won the TillyWig 2017 Top Fun Toy & Media award!  The Tree Top Adventure was one of my picks to try out.  Both my youngest daughter and son love it.

The eight-wheeled caterpillar gently glides with the help of gravity down the ramps on the tree passing a bear swinging on a rope swing and behind a large mushroom on its way to the bottom.  An acorn stops the caterpillar at the bottom holding him in place until his next ride.  This isn’t just an average toy, it helps develop hand and eye skills as well as coordination.

We also selected the VertiPlay™ Musical Rail Track.  What child doesn’t love trains or a Xylophone?  It’s bright colors are beautifully designed but I love that the tracks are actually made of wood.  You have the ability to tighten or loosen the screws to change the pitch of the sounds.  My little guy loves the xylophone and since it is wood, loves striking the tracks with various wooden toys to see the difference in sound.  I can see us using this toy to help learn his colors and develop his ears musically.

If you are looking for fun décor additions or shopping for toys, I would highly encourage you to take a look at VertiPlay™ Toys.  Check out this fun video to see some of the VertiPlay™ toys in action.  You can purchase the toys on Amazon and

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