Cloth or Paper Diapers? Why Not Both!

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The last few weeks have been eventful to say the least. We had a scare with spider bite and the baby and it was a scary event I hope to not repeat! A trip to the ER, another to the doctor, meds, antibiotics, a head to toe rash and oh, so much more came from it.

During this time, we were going through the diapers. We went through all the cloth diapers we had on hand and a full package of Seventh Generation diapers in a day. Her poor little tummy was turned upside down and inside out. In desperation, I picked up diapers from the store…little did I know it would only make matters worse.

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You see, my daughter’s sensitive skin is very sensitive! She has only ever worn Seventh Generation, cloth diapers and one package of another disposable brand since she was born. After this experience, I will keep an extra package of Seventh Generation diapers on hand for just in case!

So what sets Seventh Generation diapers apart? For starters, they are made of pure, unbleached cotton! Disposable diapers made of pure, unbleached cotton? You bet!!! They are SO much better for your little one’s skin and the environment. Did you know that it can take up to 300 years for a traditional diaper to decompose? Scary thought considering the amount of diapers a child goes through.

To learn more about why we choose Seventh Generation diapers, and how they are made be sure to check out these two short YouTube videos below where Seventh Generation Presents “Touch of Cloth” :

I loved seeing one of the farmers that produces the chemical free cotton that goes into the making of the Seventh Generation diapers.

Why would you be most interested in trying the new Seventh Generation diapers?

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