Coloring Fun with Beeswax Crayons from @MightyNest #CreativeKids

With two toddlers we go through the crayons.  I have seen the beeswax crayons for sale at various online stores and have thought about giving them a try.  When I had the opportunity to try out the StockMar Beeswax crayons from MightNest we were all excited.  The children knew exactly what they were the moment I opened the box.  The kids quickly went to work drawing and coloring.  The crayons are extremely smooth with bright, vibrant colors.  I love the beeswax crayons!  They are large and easy for the kids to hold onto. They loved the color selection and how easy the were to color with.

These StockMar crayons are made in Germany.  One cool aspect is they can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth and vegetable oil if your children decide to color on something they shouldn’t.  Their beeswax crayons use food-grade pigments and pass tests for detection of pesticide residues, PCB’s and heavy metals.  They are an A+ in our books and we will be investing in more beeswax crayons in the future.


MightyNest started when a couple had their first child. The reality that their decisions impacted another human being caused them to take a closer look at the products we were using in their home. They were startled to find that many of the products that many use every day contained potentially harmful chemicals and had unnecessary risks associated with them.  After lots of ideas, discussions and another child later, MightyNest was born.

MightyNest is a unique Web site that provides you the ability to research, get advice and buy natural, organic and non-toxic products all in one place. All of the products they sell are free from known toxic ingredients such as: BPA, PVC, Phthalates, Lead, Melamine, Formaldehyde, Flame retardants, Parabens and more.

I love the selection you can find at MightyNest not only for infants and children but also household and beauty products.  Be sure to visit their website and see the amazing selection they have to offer!  You can connect with the MightyNest team on Facebook and Twitter.

Head over to enter to win your very own StockMar beeswax crayons from Mighty Nest in our Keeping Kids Creative giveaway.

19 thoughts on “Coloring Fun with Beeswax Crayons from @MightyNest #CreativeKids”

  1. My grandkids love coloring and these would also add a fun way to teach them about bees and products that come from animals.

  2. I love that these are easily cleaned off surfaces. Goodness knows I have some marks on my walls that will never come off from crayon incidents. lol

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