Commercial Odor Eliminating Technology

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Homes and businesses want to have fresh smelling interiors. Air fresheners can only do a certain amount of good when it comes to completely eliminating unpleasant odors. In fact, air freshers don’t actually eliminate odors but rather create a minimizing effect. A true odor eliminator method is one that physically and chemically alters odor particles floating in the air.  OdorFree ozone generator machines is an example a technology that completely eliminates bad smells.

Ozone technology involves a natural process that occurs in the earth’s atmosphere. Such a chemical procedure essentially changes air particles through a conversion of O2 into O3. Ozone is a natural barrier that protects the earth from harmful radiation that comes from the sun. The natural phenomena can be applied to machines that generate the process of changing breathable oxygen molecules into Ozone.

Ozone machines use powerful electronic plates that are capable of chemically altering the air particles in a given interior space. For instance, a typical ozone generator can process hundreds of cubic feet of air in a given hour. Millions of air molecules that carry other unpleasant gaseous compounds are altered through ozone generation. Such a treatment option is ideal for restaurants and commercial kitchens. For example, ozone generation can eliminate the strong odors of fried fish, meat, baked potatoes and much more. Ozone machines should be turned on and left overnight in an occupied interior setting. The ozone generation process produces some by products that are not harmful but are still unpleasant when inhaled.

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