Georgia Aquarium: Conservation and Fun at Ocean Voyager Exhibit

File:Georgia Aquarium Jan 2006.jpgWe had an amazing day!  This was our first time visiting the Georgia Aquarium and the children had never seen anything like this before!  I have to say, my pictures do not in any way do justice to being there in person.  You can get the feel though that is was amazing!

Ocean Voyager

Once you enter the aquarium, you can peak through this amazing viewing window to see what is in store at the Ocean Voyager exhibit.  The children had a hard time at first since there were quite a few people wanting to get up close and personal but the crowds quickly shifted and the children were able to get up close with the window.  It was amazing to see all the varieties of ocean life inside.  One of the Manta Rays even did a flip right in front of the window, that was a sight!

What is so special about the Ocean Voyager exhibit?  So many things! 

First off, the Georgia Aquarium was the first aquarium in the United States to have a manta ray on display.  Nandi was caught by accident in nets off the coasts in South Africa that are meant to protect the coast from sharks. Once she had outgrown her home in South Africa she was offered to the much-larger Georgia Aquarium. These amazing manta rays can reach up to 15 to 20 feet long and get up to 1500 lbs.  Now the Georgia Aquarium is home to four Manta Rays.

Male whale shark at Georgia Aquarium
The Georgia Aquarium’s Ocean Vogayer exhibit is also home to whale sharks.   They are the only institution outside of Asia to house whale sharks.   The whale sharks were imported from Taiwan and had never been attempted before.  At the time they were purchased, these gentle giants would have been killed in Taiwan’s annual fishing quota that was then in place.

These whales are amazing!  Although Usean is under 24 feet right now whale sharks can grow to about the size of a school bus at 40 feet long!  As massive as they are, whale sharks only have the throat about the size of a quarter.

We were very privileged to get an up close and personal look at what goes into the Ocean Voyager exhibit!

Usean was very playful and was swimming around the top of the water.  Austin just didn’t understand why he couldn’t go past the glass wall.  He wanted in on the action and to go swimming with him!  Although too young now, maybe we will get to do the dive once he gets older.

This exhibit houses 6.3 million gallons of water!  The LSS System (Life Support System) for Ocean Voyager is astounding. I couldn’t believe how many pipes and filtration systems would be involved in the filtration, foam making, and testing of the water system to be sure that the exhibit is just right for its ocean life.  It pumps so quickly the LSS can fill an average size pool in under a minute!

You really have a chance to get up close and personal, actually underneath the exhibit in the second largest viewing window in the world.  You can see these amazing creatures in the 100 foot underwater tunnel.  This exhibit is designed to feature the life of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System and features almost 100,000 fish.

Once outside the underwater tunnel you have several chances to get up and personal in various bubble windows. Addie was happy to cuddle for a minute for a picture.  Austin was too mesmerized to pause even for a moment for a picture.

Bryan was checking out one of the rays and I was able to snap a picture to show you how enormous these creatures truly are!

There really is so much more I could share with you about the Georgia Aquarium and the efforts they are putting forth for animal conservation.  I want to save some for our next trip back as we loved it so much it isn’t a matter of if we will go back, it is when!  If you are passing through Atlanta I can not encourage you enough to take time out to go visit the Georgia Aquarium!

To connect with the Georgia Aquarium, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.  You can also find out more about the amazing exhibits they offer and their conservation work on their website.

To see more about our trip, read my first post about the Georgia Aquarium!

I received media passes to visit the Aquarium.  I was not obligated to write about my experiences.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.  If you take your family for a visit you will see why we LOVE the Georgia Aquarium

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  1. How absolutely amazing! We have a membership at our local aquarium and go at least once a month. it’s so helpful when teaching the kids about marine life!

  2. This looks like a great aquarium to visit. We travel a lot and the aquarium is one place we visit a lot. I will keep this one in mind if we are in the area!

  3. I cannot wait to take my son to an aquarium when he’s a bit older. He’s been once but wasn’t quite old enough to get it! This looks like such a blast!

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