Create a Self-Watering Garden in 5 Minutes with a GrowBox (Sponsor Spotlight #SummerCelebration)

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If you any type of garden magazine, you likely have seen pictures of the Garden Patch Growbox.  I was so excited when I had the privilege to receive a GrowBox to review!  I use raise beds to garden and don’t have near the space yet that I would like!  The GrowBox is am easy way to add gardening space to any area, your porch, back patio or even your yard.

To break it down simple, the Grow Box is a self-watering container that you simply need to add an organic potting mix, add your plants and then water throughly, filling the reserve and you are done!  How simple is that right?

To set up your GrowBox it is a really a snap!  No tools are needed or special skills.  You take the base and then stack the upper portion of the box on top.  Although I really wish I would have taken pictures at this point so you could see, you simply press down the wells that will be filled with soil to soak up your water to the above soil.  Then you fill the box with soil.  It includes a planting mat that also fertilizes that shows you where to space your plantings as well.  I choose not to use the fertilizer as we only use organic fertilizer or compost but the planting mat is extremely helpful with proper plant spacing.

I can’t stress how truly simple the GrowBox is to put together!   Although I only planted it two weeks ago, I am so happy with the results of not having to water.  The site says it can produce up to 60 pounds of tomatoes from one GrowBox-can you imagine?


You can grow many, many types of vegetables and herbs right from the GrowBox.  This is an easy, simple solution for anyone that wants to garden with limited space or is not able to weed a traditional garden.  With just a couple of GrowBoxes you can grow the makings of salads, green beans, peppers, have a herb garden, plant squash and zucchini and so much more.

I choose to plant two tomato plants-an Arkansas Traveler and an Organic Paste in mine, as well as a basil and parsley plant.  I am so excited as I have only watered it once (plus it rained well once this week) since planting and it has been doing great!  I love the idea of not having to stress about watering if it is dry.  I can’t wait to update you, to share how our GrowBox is doing throughout the summer!

Here are a few highlights that I choose to share from the Garden Patch about their GrowBoxes:

  • Automatic feeding and watering without guessing
  • Comes complete with FREE fertilizer.
  • No Weeding or back aches – Finally you’ll enjoy your garden instead of toiling in it.
  • Grows peppers and flowers like a pro.
  • No guessing or hassles of box gardens and hydroponics. Pays for itself in less than one season.
  • 100% Natural growing.
  • Guaranteed to be the easiest and most productive garden or your money back.
  • A mighty little garden for a very little price!
  • More productive than in-ground gardens and twice the fun.

You can order your very own GrowBox for $29.95 plus $6.95 S&H at the Garden Patch or even less if you order larger quantities.

The Garden Patch has offered a GrowBox to one Frugal Greenish Mama reader during our Summer Celebration Giveaway Hop starting on June 22nd.  Be sure to come back to enter to win your very own GrowBox!

I received a GrowBox at no charge to facilitate my review.  I was not obligated to write a positive review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.



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  1. Just a little update – the GrowBox is also available with organic fertilizer at Just select the organic fertilizer option on the drop down box when ordering. The planting mat cover is also a vital part of the system – it blocks weeds, stops evaporation, protects the nutrients from being washed out from watering, controls the temperature and is coated so that rainfall is deflected to the sides where it flows down to refill the water reservoir. You’ll see a drastic increase in productivity when growing with the Nutrient Patch mat cover on top.

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