Creating Canvas Wall Art with Crayola

I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community.  I was compensated and challenged to get creative with Crayola crayons and washable paints as part of a social shopper amplification for #CollectiveBias and its advertiser.

Canvas Wall Art #Shop #cbiads #colorfulcreationsWhat is more precious than one of your little ones creating a masterpiece for you?  I have always loved to create and my children have that inherited that gene from me.  This year one of my goals is to truly make our house a home.  One way I want to do so is by decorating our home with handmade items that we can truly treasure.  Currently, Addie’s walls are bare, so our goal is to tackle her room this month!

Our first project we wanted to create was a canvas piece to hang in her room.  After giving it some thought we decided to try our hand at creating canvas wall art.  Since I want the kids to get involved in creating some of their pieces, we headed to Walmart to find some bright, colorful Crayola products.  The kids become giddy when they see all the bright colors.   Just looking at the aisle gets the creative juices flowing, right?

Crayola aisle walmart #shop #colorfulcreations

After picking up a 96-count of Crayola crayons, washable paints and a package of sidewalk chalk we were all set for our projects for the week.  Since the washable markers were also on sale, I grabbed a package as well.  With the canvases waiting at home, we only needed coffee filters to be ready to create!  As always, Addie couldn’t wait to open the packages!

crayola #colorfulcreations #shop crayons (1 of 1)

While you could simply paint everything, we wanted to add in a little dimension.  Starting with the crayons, we colored the stems of the flowers.

crayola #colorfulcreations #shop painting (3 of 3)

Then we got busy with the washable paints.  Since we were creating a floral picture we painted the bottom portion green and the top portion blue.

crayola #colorfulcreations #shop painting (1 of 3)

To add a little more texture, once the canvases were painted I used a paper towel to blot the paint.

crayola #colorfulcreations #shop painting (2 of 3)

This gives the solid colors more texture and dimension.

crayola #colorfulcreations #shop painting (1 of 1)

While you are waiting for the paints to dry, it is time to paint your coffee filters for the flowers.

crayola #colorfulcreations #shop coffee filters (3 of 3)

Add a small dab of paint into a jar and then add 1-2 tablespoons of water to dilute it.

crayola #colorfulcreations #shop coffee filters (4 of 3)

Paint it onto the coffee filters so they are completely saturated.  We mixed the paints to achieve the colors we were looking for.  Then allow them to dry.

crayola #colorfulcreations #shop flowers (1 of 1)

With the help of an adult, cut small circles from the coffee filters.  It looks best if you add more than one layer, so cut two different sizes for each flower.

crayola #colorfulcreations #shop flowers (2 of 2)

I slightly crumbled the paper a bit to give them more frill.  Then glue the circles to the top of the stems.  Begin gluing the larger circle first, followed by the smaller.

crayola #colorfulcreations #shop flowers (3 of 2)

You can add more detail now with paints, crayons or markers.  Then finish it off by gluing a button in the center of each flower.

crayola #colorfulcreations #shop clouds (1 of 1)

If you wish to add clouds to your blue sky, put the finishing touches on with a white sidewalk chalk.  Although it can rub off, it will allow you to smear it until you reach the desired look.  Now that you are all finished, help your little one to sign their artwork and never forget to add the date!

Canvas wall art #colorfulcreations #shop #cbias

Nothing brings a smile to my face more than seeing something my children created.  Proudly displaying their artwork instills confidence in them and adds a bit of sunshine to our home. 

Handmade is not about perfection, its about creating something filled with love!

What child doesn’t love chalk?  Since we had purchased sidewalk chalk that can not be used right now in the snow, Hubby and I decided to surprise the children with an indoor place to get creative they wouldn’t expect.  As they slept, I was painting the side of our refrigerator black with chalkboard paint!  To say they were excited when they woke up was an understatement.  Be sure to come back on Wednesday when I share a few more details.

For more project ideas, follow the Crayola teams on Facebook and Pinterest.

What creative ideas do you have for making handmade #ColorfulCreations?

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  1. This is great arts and craft project! I am sure that kids will love doing this project and the end result of it. Thanks for making a detailed DIY blog. For that, I am motivated to let the kids do this. 🙂

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