Creating My Healthy Home for My Children

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As Earth Day approaches there is much focus given to simple ways we can share the social responsibility of protecting and caring for the beautiful planet we have been given to call our home.  I love the attention that is given to the need to care for the earth.  As a Mama, I feel that it is my duty and privilege to teach my children to make positive choices in life.  The most important way we can do so is my example.

Everyday we try to be alert to occasions to teach the children.  We practice recycling, talk about littering, practice water conservation, eliminate the use of harsh chemicals and reuse as often as possible (to name a few).  The kids are totally on board but they also need to understand why we do these things!

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Some days I want to ban the question WHY?  If you have a young child, you can totally feel me!   But understanding the questions of WHY, helps them to realize why it is so important!

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Austin has developed a love of trees.  He understands that trees provide the necessary air we need to breath, their roots help to prevent soil erosion and so many of them give us fruits and nuts that we enjoy eating.  When it comes to using paper products, he now thinks about the trees that were cut down to produce it.

Using napkins are a given in our house.  Although we mainly use cloth napkins, we keep paper towels on hand for those occasions sticky situations that we would just prefer paper.  The kids now think twice about using a paper towel versus cloth.  That was until I heard about a new tree free paper product!

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I had previously been introduced to the Ology line that was recently endorsed by Healthy Child Healthy World, an organization I adore.  Their line of paper products are…well…unpaper products!  Yes, they are paper products that are 100% tree free!

earth-day-healthy-child-healthy-world-#WalgreensOlogy-#shop (5 of 11)So, let me explain.  They are actually made a sugar husk, that would actually be disposed of and from bamboo.  Bamboo is a highly sustainable resource that can be regrown is as little as six months verses 35 years for a full grown tree.

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Since they are septic safe we bought a package of the paper towels, toilet paper and tissues.  They absorb well and actually are not hard and crunchy like you might think!  I have to say, I was extremely pleased with the results.

My Healthy Home

My healthy home environment is a top priority having three precious little ones that I have been blessed to nurture and watch grow.  We started the journey to rid our home of harsh chemicals some time ago.  Using products that are safe for our children means they are also safe for the environment.

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One day, I was asked, “Where does the water go after it goes down the drain and through all the pipes in the house?”  After spending a little time learning about the water cycle and that the water we use eventually will end up in a river or stream, then the ocean and one day back to the earth in the form of rain, they were a bit puzzled. “Where does all the soap go then?”  Yeah, their little minds never stop.

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Sadly, most people don’t think twice about the effects the chemicals they use in home can have on their families or the earth.  The truth is, the earth, just like our skin, absorbs all those harsh chemicals.  Our water supply is being filled with chemicals at a staggering rate.

What can we do?

The solution is simple!  Stop using products that contain harsh chemicals. 

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While I choose to make many of my own cleaning products, I love that the #WalgreensOlogy products, are free of 10 of the most harmful chemicals:  Ammonia, Chlorine bleach, DEA (diethanolamine), TEA (triethanolamine), Parabens, Phthalates, Formaldehyde, Nonylphenol ethoxylates, Triclosan, SLS, SLES.  Think of the difference that could be made if we stopped using these harmful chemicals!

The Ology Brand Mission

We believe in living life well and making positive choices. That means avoiding toxic ingredients. It means seeking out sustainable raw materials and including natural ingredients. It’s all about leaving behind a healthier, happier world for our children and grandchildren.

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You can find the Ology brand exclusively at Walgreens.  It is really a great deal for the price!  #CollectiveBias

The truth is, the beautiful place we call home is such a gift!  Our children are the next generation that will be inheriting the earth.  Why not start doing your part now by making the changes to rid your home of harsh chemicals and using sustainable products!

What will you do to share your social responsibility of caring for the earth with your children on Earth Day?

20 thoughts on “Creating My Healthy Home for My Children”

  1. It’s great that they’re “not crunchy.” There are recycled and/or paper free products out there, but they aren’t pleasant to use. I also like that these are budget friendly.

  2. We head out to our recycling center, take in plastic bags and if possible, try to do some planting either in the backyard or as a community project

  3. What beautiful post, not only in written and visual content, but straight from the heart! It’s true that if we’re going to make this world a better place we need to take charge of its care. That means not only take care of it physically but also teach the new generations to take care of it as well 🙂

    I LOVE Ology products and what they’re all about!

  4. I had no idea that Ology products had so many different products! I thought it was just laundry detergent. But they really have so much more than I originally thought! I can’t wait to try out more of their products!

  5. Okay I have to head to Walgreens and check the tree free toilet paper out.. TOTALLY interested, I’ve seen the products but never looked closely at them.. although I loved the packaging, colors are nice..will look closer next time I’m there..thanks for sharing..

  6. I didn’t know Ology had so many products! I have seen a few of them, and wanted to try them because I like using eco friendly cleaners and products.

  7. Children are amazing. Their minds are so open and inquisitive. They often tell it like it is, something adults often forget. I really love that these are paper-free as trees are a great love of mine as well. I am going to check them out.

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