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Oh yes, we did!  While I thought I may have to twist Hubby’s arm, he was actually all for me turning our refrigerator into a creative space for the kids.  It is always covered in the kids latest masterpieces so we decided we would paint the side of refrigerator facing our dining table with chalkboard paint.

Let’s be honest, I wouldn’t recommend painting a new refrigerator, but ours is white and almost ten years old so we decided, why not?  It is going to be so much fun, plus it will help me keep the kids entertained while I am busy in the kitchen!

While I truly expect it to be used to the fullest by the kids, we could also use it for notes, to-do lists and even meal plans.

Chalkboard paint can be found at most major retailers or online and you will apply it just as you would regular paint.  I used this chalkboard paint and a mini roller to apply it.  It went on very smoothly and dried quickly.  From my experience, you should cover the surfaces with at least three coats of paint.  Most of the paints suggest you allow them to dry for three days before writing on them and this proved to be quite challenging for the children.

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Now that we had a created a fun space, we needed a way to keep up with our chalk.  We decided to upcycle a can to be used as our chalk holder.  You could even do this as a way to keep pens and pencils in one place.  To be on the safe side, only use a can that has not been opened with a can opener.  Stick with one that has a pull back opening.

You can cover the can by using fabric or paper and a hot glue gun, which is my first preference.  Or you can apply a thin layer of modge podge to the can and add paper or fabric to cover it.  Once it dries, apply another thin layer of modge podge on the outside to seal it and allow it to dry.

Add a few magnets to the back of the can to hold it on the frig with hot glue.  Now you are all set to let your little ones create!  I used everything I had on hand and it will prevent me from spending a lot of time tracking down where they put their chalk.

What way do you see yourself using your diy chalkboard refrigerator?

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  1. This just totally blew my mind! I would have never in a million years come up with this idea. Perfect, perfect, perfect! Good job Amanda~~~

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