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39 Dollar Eyeglasses

As a Licensed Optician by trade, I take my vision seriously.  I have worn glasses 80% of my life.  I know what it was like as a child to put on my first pair of glasses and realize I had not been truly seeing the world for what it truly is.  I stared at amazement into the trees as we drove home; I couldn’t believe that you could actually see the details of the leafs in the tree.  I had only seen blurs of color.  The truth is, as children we do not know any different.  We grow up thinking, hearing, seeing what we do at the time and accept that is how it is; we do not know any different.

Due to my own experience, I realize the true importance of having your children’s eyes checked, not just by the nurse at school or using a visual acuity chart but by an eye care professional.  There are so many issues that can make it past the visual acuity chart.  Many children now have problems with their near vision or even have problems with only one eye.  Our brain is amazing and overcompensates for what we are lacking in.  Then problems can arise a little further down the road.

It truly is in your child’s best interest to have their eyes examined thoroughly, even they “think” they are seeing good, because what is good to them after all?

This is the perfect time of year to take your children in and have them examined.  What is they do need glasses?  It isn’t the end of the world, trust me!  When I started wearing glasses back in the 80’s, big thick plastic frames were in.  (Can someone please tell me what on earth we were thinking?)  Oh how we have come a long way!

Having worked on glasses for over the last decade of my life, I truly have been skeptical with ordering glasses online.  Contacts, yes I have but glasses made me nervous.  It shouldn’t, I could easily read the lensometer to verify that my prescription along with my PD (distance between your eyes) matched, but still a little hesitant. What did I have to lose, right?  So I ordered a much-needed pair of prescription sunglasses from 39DollarGlasses.

My Experience with 39DollarGlasses

I have to say I was honestly shocked by the quality and service I received.  I really was, in a good way though.  The site is very easy to navigate and the selection of frames are huge.  They do have plastic frames, but nothing like I started wearing back in the 80’s (mine were actually large baby blue frames!).  They offer modern and stylish frames that are made right here in the US.  Being familiar with lens manufacturer’s I was happy to see the brands that they offer are high quality and brands that I truly love working with!  I have worn Seiko and Zeiss lenses myself and love them!

As difficult as it is to decide without trying the frames on, they have several options to assist you.

  • Say you truly love the glasses you have now and don’t understand the sizes, you can print out an actual pdf of the frames and compare them to what you have now.
  • You can choose the shape face you have and the model will change according to the proper face shape.  (This really is quite important as your face shape determines what suits you best).
  • Or you can even upload your own photo and try them on yourself-how cool it that!

So after you go through the process of selecting your frames, you then go on to your lenses selection.  The system walks you through a step by step process to add your prescription, PD and any notes you may want to add.  Don’t worry, you can make more selections to your lenses after you input your prescription.  On the third screen you can then select any additional lens features you wish to add, anti-reflective coating, transitions, tints-you get the picture.

After placing my order, I expected to wait a week or more but it was only 4 days later that my glasses arrived!  Of course I was beyond excited to try them out.  I was fully expecting with a plastic frame that I would need massive adjusting (which requires heat, don’t try to adjust them on your own) but they actually fit quite well.  Yes they will need to be adjusted slightly, but they were comfortable to wear right from the case!

I did my own inspection and the prescription in right on within the guidelines of ANSI standards (this is how glasses pass inspections).  The lenses are cut perfectly to fit, not too loose.  And they matched the color I requested over the brown polarized lenses I requested.  I can give 39DollarGlasses my stamp of approval.

The name 39DollarGlasses is exactly what they supply.  You can get a pair of glasses for $39 that come with:

  • Thin & Light Prescription Lenses
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Scratch-resistant coatings
  • Ultra-soft Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Hard Case
  • 100% Quality Guarantee

Of course you can make many upgrades, but you can get a stylish, well made pair of glasses for $39.00!  If you are looking for Back to School glasses for your kids, they have a big selection of kids frames to choose from, including bendable frames!  I would highly recommend you considering their services.  Be sure to visit 39DollarGlasses to see for yourself the wide selection they offer!

About 39DollarGlasses:

  • 39DollarGlasses is owned and operated by 2 eye doctors.
  • Their frames are made right here in the US so their quality control is superior.
  • Their turn-around time is amazing-even offering next day if you have an emergency
  • They ship FREE to all of our active US service men and women no matter where they are serving!
  • All Children’s glasses are provided with polycarbonate, shatter resistant lenses with UV protection

Win a Pair of Glasses!

I am very thankful to 39DollarGlasses for being my sponsor in the Back to School Spree giveaway hop!  They have kindly offered one Frugal Greenish Mama a pair of glasses up to $75.  Be sure to come back to enter on August 17th!   To get a head start on the entries, visit 39DollarGlasses and let me know which pair you would pick if you won.  Also be sure to Like 39DollarGlasses on Facebook and follow on Twitter for an entry as well!   If you order from 39DollarGlasses, be sure to enter code FGM2012 to receive a 10% discount off your order!

Disclosure:  I was provided with a product for my review.  No other compensation was received.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own, your experience may be different from mine. 


6 thoughts on “Crystal Clear Vision from #B2sspree”

    1. I would live to be an Optometrist! The difference in a Licensed Optician is that we are not eye doctors. Only in certain states can a Licensed Optician refract glasses and contact lens prescriptions we are the ones that are all about the glasses 🙂

  1. I don’t think I ever knew you were a Licensed Optician!! My little sis is always looking for affordable but stylish glasses. Normally I would say she doesn’t wear “sunglasses” but she just bought some online and one of the lenses is a transition while the other isn’t (oops!) and she said she is thinking about getting transition lenses with her next pair. 🙂

    1. I am. After I had my daughter I went back for only 3 weeks and decided I couldn’t continue. I will keep my license up no matter how long I don’t work because the state boards are extremely difficult to pass. I need to take my nationals to get them out of the way, but one day 🙂

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