Take Learning to a New Level with Cypher Kids Club

We are always looking to take educational interaction to a new level.  I love for my children to be engaged.  I love for them to have fun and learn at the same time.  I was so excited to have come across Cypher Kids Club products. Using Augmented Reality, it turns the cool i3D Interactive Learning Cards into new worlds that are fun, interactive ways to learn.

We visited the Apple store online and ordered both the Letter cards and the Number cards.  With my children’s love of animals I was really hoping to order the third set, Wild Animal Adventures but it was not currently in stock.  Within 3 days they were delivered to my door.  The app you need for the card is free to download and the cards are $29.99 online with free shipping or can be purchased at Target.   An Apple device is necessary to be able to interact.

With the Letter cards, Digi and Beebot help your children to be able to identify both upper and lower case letter, the sounds they make and recognize the letters at the beginning of each word.  With many of the letters, they still get to have a 3D interactive animal or fun object that appears from the letters.

Austin’s #CypherKidsClub Interaction with the Letter E card video.

Cypher Entertainment takes learning to the 3D level by using the camera on your Apple device to read each card’s 3D marker.  Once you line the image up, a new 3D world appears on your screen.  It takes learning simple letters and numbers off your page to be engaging to your child.

While both the children do know their letters, we are still working on lower case letters with Addie as well as numbers above 15. Not only will the kids love playing with them, but they can learn in the process!  These would make an awesome gift for your little ones.  They are geared for children 3 and above.  These will be such a great way for the kids to stay busy and interact while we are in the car.

Once we downloaded the app, we had a bit of a learning curve with how to position the phone to be able to fully interact, but once we played around for a few minutes we got the hang of just how easy they are to use.  (We were holding the camera too close to the cards to fully benefit).  Of course Addie loved seeing the Orca swimming around on the screen, she was hooked!

To learn more about the cool ways to engage your childs learning, connect with Cypher on Twitter and Facebook.

What out of the box ways do you use for educational fun for your children?

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  1. I just posted on this too. Your kids were definitely more cooperative 🙂 My three year old loves them but would not cooperate for a video at all. He wanted to stand on the iPad rather than be good. He likes them though. Cute kids!

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