De-Cluttering: Part 1-Austin’s Room

Now please know that my house may usually be messy, but nothing like this photo.  I decided on Saturday that I had to take the reigns back in my focus and my life.  After reading Crystal’s book, Yhe Money Saving Mom’s Budget (which I highly recommend) I set goals, made decisions on where I wanted to go…..and then nothing.  To no one else’s fault but my own let me say!  But let me give you a little back ground so you understand where I am coming from.  These are not excuses but simple the reason why my house has become overwhelming to me.

We purchased an old house that we had goals of remodeling….but moved in when very little was done almost 7 years ago.  We have accomplished a lot and had it seems like just as many, if not more set backs.  Mold overtook the end of our house where our bedroom and closet are and all the new construction that was completed had to be torn out.  Let me tell you, my husband had built the most beautiful all wooden walk in closet that any woman would LOVE to have; it was such a sad day.

Due to my husband’s severe illness and then finances, very little has been done since.  So we have had no closet, not even a dresser for the last two years (there is really no place to put one for the time being).  We have made due and all has been fine but things have just accumulated with no where to go.  Since I am all about recycling and repurposing I don’t like to get rid of things that I know I will use.  (I am in no way a hoarder, I only keep it if I know I will use it and that it will save us money by holding onto it).  With that said, just daily items you would use I have no home for.

I find my house to be somewhat overwhelming at times, really quite often.  Lately since I have struggled within myself with depression over the loss of my mother it has been even worse.  So I decided NO MORE!  There needs to be action!  There is no reason I can not downsize even more.  Do we really NEED these things?  So we started with Austin’s room.  Since Bryan & I took over Addie’s room right after she was born, everything they own is in Austin’s room.  I had to fight myself to get rid of thes items since I normally would keep what we are getting rid of for a future yard sale, but my sanity is worth far more than a few dollars to keep it.

I started by first having a discussion with the children that we have so much and need to decide which toys we were going to take to the thrift store to allow another child with less to enjoy.  Then I started pulling down the totes and containers from the closet.  I went to take a phone call and three minutes later came back to this–WOW!

I decided oh well, now everything will be easier to go through and then we set in.  After going through all the toys and books we had a full garbage bag as well as half another full to be taken to the thrift store!  Now let me tell you, there really should have been more but that was a great start.  If it didn’t fit in a tote or have a home then it went into the bag to be donated.

Now I have to say, Austin was great with being willing to get rid of toys.  Addie on the other hand, with every toy put into the bag said, “But I like to play with that.”  It was really cute, and yes it is true they do really play with everything but they have so much, to much.  We get “new to them” toys all the time since we frequent thrift stores so our new house rule is that when something new comes into the house, something must go out.  Then they can really think if it is something they would like enough to give up something else.

At the end of the day Saturday, I had cleaned up Austin’s room and also went through 4 boxes of papers and items to decide what needed to go.  In the end we filled both bags and I dropped them off to be donated Sunday!  Yeah, we are starting with progress.  Now on to all the clutter in the living room, which will actually be pretty easy.

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