Dealing With Insomnia Is Not Fun

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Sleep is something we need and our bodies crave.  We were created to need sleep.  When we don’t get the proper amounts our bodies need, it affects us in almost every way eventually.  Being a nursing mom, I have breast-fed a baby for seven of the last eight and a half years, through the day, through the nights, all-the-time.  I would change it for anything but it has really taken a toll on my body not sleeping through the night for so long.

Mother, father and two children lie on bed with white sheets; focus on feet

Since having my last child just over a year ago, I have suffered much greater sleeping problems than just waking for nursing.  I simply can’t sleep and many nights when I do I have to deal with terrible nightmares.  After I would wake up with only an hour or two of sleep, I couldn’t go back to sleep.  This started affecting my life very adversely.  I had four children to care for, to teach since we homeschool and a home and husband to also care for.

Not sleeping made simple every day tasks almost insurmountable.  Most days I was flat-out in a terrible mood.  My poor children.  I didn’t like the person I had become but felt so hopeless, I just couldn’t sleep.  It was reassuring to find out I wasn’t alone.  If you have insomnia and have difficulty  sleeping through the night, you are not alone!

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I searched for things I could change or ways I could try to improve my sleep.  The National Sleep Foundation was a great resource I found full of helpful, practical tips of things I could try.  These are simple things, that any of us can try, like establishing better routines before bed, eating better and exercising daily.  Yes, we often that many have issues sleeping but is also a great resource that helps people all over the country to help and inspire them to reach better sleep.  There are real people with real stories just like us.

You don’t have to suffer alone.  Sometimes we may try everything but we don’t have to do it alone!  Connecting with others that also suffer sleepless nights and know the difficulties may be exactly what we need.  If you seem to try everything and still suffer, the next step may be talking to your doctor.  I found from my experience it was hard to bring up because I wanted him to understand that it was more than just not being able to sleep, I wasn’t sleeping good for many reasons.  The National Sleep Foundation can help walk you through just how to start that conversation with your doctor.

One of the many awesome tips was to analyze your bedroom.  Are you sleeping with white noise, such as a fan or humidifier?  Is there too much light and perhaps you need a black-out curtain?  Does the room overwhelm you or is it peaceful?  Are your pillows and blankets comfortable?

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