Dealing With Toddlers and Teeth

Being a Mom with with two busy toddlers sometimes it can be quite a challenge to get them to settle down enough to want to brush their teeth.  When Austin was an infant he hated, with a capital H to have his teeth brushed.  I tried to start with his gums as instructed but he detested it.  I think it was because he had such a hard time with his teeth coming in.  His gums would be swollen for weeks before his little tooth would pop through.

Then Addie  came along and she was even worse about brushing her worse than Austin.  Oh the screaming fits we would have to brush teeth.  I hated that part of the day.  I know how important it is to brush their teeth.  The practices we develop now they could carry with them the rest of their lives.  I have heard many parents say, I don’t really worry much about it since these aren’t their permanent teeth.  I cringe, because although they are not, problems they have now can affect how their permanent adult teeth develop.

We are scheduling dental appointments this week, so we have been discussing brushing their teeth and why it is so important.  After trying many different methods and ideas my children finally enjoy brushing their teeth!  I think each family is different, but these are a few simple things that we found helpful:

  • I let the children pick their own toothbrushes.  I am not big into letting them be affected by marketing, but if a toothbrush with Dora or Thomas the Tank helps with the process, I am all for it!  They enjoy using their personal toothbrush they picked out themselves.
  • We found a natural toothpaste that they liked the flavor.  We tried out several and found one they both enjoy.
  • I let the children start brushing their own teeth and then follow up with Mommy brushing again to make sure we have a through brushing.

Austin used to wake up in the middle of the night after we stopped nursing and wanted to have milk.  We did give a bottle of milk for a while and that was extremely hard to wean him from.   If I could go back I would never do that again.  Eventually we were able to get him to take a bottle of water.  Now if either child wakes during the night, they only ask for water.  Having fresh water available is very important to their health of their teeth.  It helps rinse their mouth of cavity-causing bacteria while quenching their thirst. To find some helpful tips, visit Western Dental Tips.

If you are a Mom or Dad to little ones, please share your experiences of what has helped you to develop a kid-friendly brushing routine.

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