Declutter in Ten Minutes

Saying we want to simplify our lives is so simple.  The action that comes next is the daunting task!  Where do I start?  That is the question running through my mind as I gaze at what I need to tackle; the mounds of paperwork needing to be sorted and filed, the calendar with seemingly endless commitments, the never-ending emails that roll…you get the picture!

Whether you are wanting to tackle you clutter in a room, house or online the answer to getting it under control is to start simple!

Let’s face it, that mound you need to tackle is pretty intimidating.   Today, let’s start small!

This week, let’s take ten minutes a day to tackle one pile, one room or one countertop.

To begin, gather up everything into one pile.  Warning, this photo is a real mess, in a real corner in my house.  Yes, it may not have looked liked this before I gathered it into a pile, but this is what I ended up with.

Make yourself a deal, nothing goes back to the pile.

Set a timer for 10 minutes and then go!

Ask yourself:  Do I use this item?  If no, decide which box/bag it will go to.

After ten minutes, stop and take the time to find a permanent home for everything in your keep box/bag.

Take just 10 minutes today to sort though a pile, or declutter a shelf or table or countertop.  You may not tackle the complete pile but take a break after 10 minutes to analyze your progress success!  If you are excited and want to continue, go at it for another 10 minutes.

Continue each day using 10 minute increments this week to see just how much a little devoted time can accomplish.  Try to keep going until you have one area, room or counter clutter-free!

Who is up for the 10 minute challenge?  I would love you to share your pile photo if you do!

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