Deep Steep Terrific Trio Gift Set {Sponsor Spotlight} #mommetime

I had my first experience with Deep Steep when I ordered a bubble bath for my children with my co-op order last month.  They love bubble baths and we haven’t had any for quite some time.  After searching through and doing a little research we decided we would stray from our usual and try out Deep Steep.

Let me tell you a little about their company.  Originally founded by earth-conscious entrepreneurs in 2002, Deep Steep is dedicated to producing all natural luxury bath & body care products that benefit both the consumer and the planet. All their products are certified Cruelty Free.  The owner’s of Deep Steep believe “Since anything applied to our skin can be potentially absorbed into the body’s systems, the quality and nature of our ingredients can only be of the highest purity.”

That is why each product is carefully formulated with certified Organic essential oils to give you the option of enjoying a different aromatic experience each time you “steep” into the bathtub, or for me shower.  All products are guaranteed FREE of chemical preservatives, parabens, artificial fragrances, petroleum, mineral oil, sodium lauryl sulfate, and other questionable ingredients.

I was so excited when my box arrived from Deep Steep, so were my children!  Not only was I sent three products to review, I was also sent three different scents and all are different than the scent I ordered for our bubble bath-Honeydew Spearmint (which is divine by the way).  I have to say the kids absolutely love it.  Austin loves anything minty right now.  So here is what I was sent:

Lavender – Chamomile Bubble Bath

Close your eyes and picture yourself laying in a field of lavender with a bright blue sky above.  That is what I imagine with the smell.  It is not an overpowering aroma, just a beautiful relaxing smell.  It bubbles very nicely, producing a very generous amount of bubbles with about a tablespoon added under the tap.  With the kiddos splashing around, the bubbles start to dissipate in about 7 minutes (but truthfully by then I am soaked and ready to start washing so I can get them out).  Some of the bubble baths I have used in the past leave their skin feeling oily, but that is not the case with Deep Steep.  There skin is soft and refreshed, not to mention, smells great!

Rosemary – Mint Body Wash

It is funny that my children both love to try out new soaps and shampoos.  They love that the packages are all different, the colors varies (this usually is a big one) and of course they have their favorite smells.  They love to checkout the bulk soap tables at Whole Foods!  So they are just as excited as I am in trying out new products.  Since Austin has had very sensitive skin in the past and has broken out (even with organic prodcuts) I let him try a small amount first.  He loved it, minty again and it lathers oh so nicely.

But what did I think?  Well as a Mother to two toddlers, my only quiet time of the day or rather the only few minutes I get to close my eyes is in my five minute rushed shower.  So I better make those five minutes count!  I would have not thought I would have liked the Rosemary – Mint combination, but it is heavenly!  It has just the right amounts of each to complement each other perfectly.  It an a very clean, relaxing herby smell, actually it has the perfect scent I would love my entire house to smell of!  Using a small amount, it lathered great and my skin felt clean and a little tingley.  It makes my rushed 5 minute shower a very relaxing five minutes!

Grapefruit – Bergamont Body Lotion

As my daughter lays asleep on my lap, I am lathering this product on now.  Oh, how much I love Deep Steep!  I am not a fan of oily lotions.  I have been blessed with very dry hands.  My knuckles have the tendency to crack and they are rough.  They have been as long as I can remember, part of that may be I wash my hands very frequently but anyways they are constantly dry.  This lotion is rich and creamy, made with Jojoba oil, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.  At night I try to put lotion on my hands to allow it time to really soak in, but Bryan tends to be a little sensitive about smelly lotions.  This lotion is perfectly scented, reminds me of walking through the oranges groves in Florida.

Bottom line, I love all three products they sent me!  I would really have a hard time deciding on one scent to choose!  One of their Terrific Trio Gift sets that includes on of each of the above products, retails for $24.95!  If you are looking for a gift, skip Bath & Body Works this time (if you shop there) and try out Deep Steep!  The products are luxuriously packaged and are of the highest quality!  I can say these products would be something I would splurge on myself, I enjoyed them that much!

Deep Steep is known for it everyday affordable luxury and I have to say I agree!

So would you like to try them out for yourself?  Deep Steep has generously offered to provide one Frugal Greenish Mama reader their very own Terrific Trio Set!  We will be offering this set as a giveaway in our Mom Me Time Giveaway Hop starting on April 22nd!  For an extra entry into the giveaway, checkout the Deep Steep site and let me know which scent you would choose if you were to win the Terrific Trio Set!  Simply leave a comment below with your answer!

Deep Steep is also offering all Frugal Greenish Mama readers a 20% discount on all products.  Just use code: greenish20 at the checkout!


Disclosure: I was provided with the above products to review.  I was not compensated in any way.  All opinions expressed are my own.


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  1. Wow, beautiful products! If I were to win, I’d love to try the Grapefruit-Bergamont, sounds delightful! Thanks for having a giveaway.

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